More humiliation!

It was getting to that time again, when Mistress had agreed to see me. I was worried because I had not heard from her. She usually told me what I would be expected to do before I arrived, how I should conduct and present myself.

Then it arrived. My instructions. I opened the email nervously.

“You are to arrive promptly for your Audience with Me. I have some stipulations. You are to be wearing the plastic chastity device and you must hand over the key to Me as soon as you arrive. I expect you to have showered with the device fitted. You should be wearing normal clothes, on the outside, but underneath them I expect you to be wearing women’s knickers and tights. You need to be able to assure me that you have been wearing this all day – and remember that I KNOW if you have lied to me. And finally, remember that, when you arrive, I will expect you to be barefoot for all of our time together, once you have entered the house”.

I read these commands. How would I make all this happen? I would have to buy the items of clothes – I already had the chastity device – but where from? Also, the most challenging part was the demand to be barefoot at all times, while still wearing tights! How would that work??

I researched the items and found that I could buy footless tights on the internet. So I bought some, ready for my humiliation session. I bought some knickers from a superstore, but I still get the feeling that everyone was watching me as I brought them to the checkout.

On the day, I was due to make a presentation to a group of people. I prepared myself, as instructed. First, I fitted my chastity device then went into the shower. This was a strange sensation, because the act of cleaning my cock and balls was difficult but also a little stimulating, so my cock swelled in the device.

I dried off and got dressed. I pulled on the knickers and tights and observed my condition. I thought that Mistress would be pleased with me, although I was sure that She would be scornful and humiliating in her treatment of me. I then put on the rest of my clothes and left for the presentation.

The presentation was difficult. No-one was aware of my condition, but having all this under my clothes made me feel humiliated and small. Mistress would be pleased.

After the presentation finished, I left for Mistress’s house. I arrived a little early and, as usual, I informed Mistress by text, asking if she would like to see me earlier. She replied that She would see me when she was ready. This meant that I had to sit in the car, with the discomfort of the chastity device and the humiliation of my clothing playing heavily on my mind.

I waited for what seemed like an age but was only really five minutes or so. Then the text came through. “You may now approach”. I got out of the car and went in through the door.

“Off with you footwear”, Mistress demanded. “You know the rules of the house”. I sat on the steps, removed my shoes and socks and stood in front of Her, barefoot. “That’s better”, She said. “Shows who is in charge her. Give me the key”.

I handed over the key, knowing that this could be the start of a long time locked up.

“Inside”, Mistress demanded. I moved through to Her room, unsure of what next. “Let’s see if you have been a good little worm! Take off your shirt. Fold it nicely! Now your trousers. Ah look! Don’t you look lovely” Beautiful knickers! Lovely tights! What a big girl you are!”

Mistress did Her inspection, as usual, for which I was required to lower my head. “You remembered then”, she said. While she was inspecting me, she was saying a lot of things that made me feel small, humiliated, at her mercy. “A big girl, eh? I am in control here too”. She waved the key in front of my nose. “Perhaps I just won’t let you out!” I whimpered that this would be a disaster. “Don’t care”, She said. “It is my decision. It all depends on how you behave. I might give you your freedom now, or I might hold the key for, well, for as long as I want”.

I let out another little cry. “Shut up”, Mistress said, as She continued to laugh at my predicament. Then, She moved the point of her approach.” Well, let’s see My toy”.

“Take off your tights. Fold them nicely. Now the knickers.” I did as I was told, revealing my cock and balls locked in the chastity device.

“Looks like it will be pleased to get out”, Mistress said, looking at my cock and balls. My cock was trying to swell in the device, which was already tight, so there was nowhere for it to go. This caused the blood to back up into my groin, which was a strange experience. It also made the cock cage stand out a little.

“Get down on the floor”, Mistress said. “Clearly, you want to play with yourself, so you can”. I waited for her to unlock me. “No, I am not going to unlock you. I want to see how you manage to play with yourself with the cock cage still on”.

I did as I was told. First of all, I tried to rub the plastic of the device. No sensation. I put my finger into the small hole. A little sensation, but not enough. I rubbed my groin, around the cage, at the side and underneath. I could feel the covered parts of my cock shaft swelling, but could not get any meaningful feeling from it. By this time, I was rolling around on the floor, groaning.

Mistress kicked me in the balls several times with her bare feet. “That should keep you in line”, She said, laughing. It was sore!

“You are in a bit of a state, aren’t you! Let’s see if I can help”. Mistress showed me some devices that she might use to help. She brought out a strap on cock and some other toys. “Shall we see if this helps?” she asked.

I had never been screwed from behind. I guessed that Mistress would be able to stimulate my prostate, but wasn’t sure.

“Get over the stool”, She demanded. She strapped me to the stool, so that my arse was showing and open. “Time to be screwed”.

Mistress entered me with various toys, leading to the strap on cock. “Feeling good to be screwed by Mistress?” she asked. I whimpered. It was sore.

“Get up then”, She said. “On the bench”.

The bench. The place where Mistress inflicted her most challenging torture. Electric shocks. Cock-a-dillo. “Shall we take the cage off, or leave it on?”, she asked, as she shocked me. I begged to be let out. “I think not!” she said.

I was left to think about this for a while, considering how I might escape. No way out. I would be caught out at airports, having to explain this thing in between my legs.

“I will be compassionate”, Mistress said, “as long as you give me something. I want to see you cum again”

Mistress made me jerk off, in front of her, threatening to cage me again if my ‘performance’ was not up to it. “Only cum when I say”, She said. I got close. “Ah ah ah ah ahhhh!”, She said.. “Leave it alone”. I was frustrated like mad but did as I was told. I could not risk leaving in, locked up in chastity.

“Time to go for it”, She said. “I want to see you cum. Of course, if you don’t, then I will cage you”.

The pressure was immense. I needed to cum, which made it all the more difficult. “I WILL cage you, you know”.

How did it end? I will leave you to guess. Perhaps that can be the subject of your own fantasy”