Ever since I was a small child Lisalu has been part of me. I was never the same as all the other boys feminine things, colours and smells drew my eye. Life however meant she was never let out and nobody knew of her existence.
Fast forward 30+ years and its January 2022.  I have decided to contact a Birmingham based goddess Lady Sara Borgia. I have been a member of her only fans for a while, watched her clips, actively followed her twitter but always been afraid to make contact.  One day I plucked up the courage with a polite email and we arrange our first session.
The first session comes along and I find myself telling the story of what I have hidden for all these years and to my surprise I am not scolded, judged or destroyed for whom I am. Being naturally submissive meant my self worth is always really low but Lady Sara did not judge and understood.  She applied makeup to my face and helped me dress in a beautiful sissy maid outfit I felt like I was on cloud 9!  
This first session I quickly understood alongside my feminine side I longed to be a sissy girl serving a dominant woman worshipping her and Lady Sara is all this and so much more. We have now had several sessions and there are many wonderful treasured memories of our time time together. I now serve Lady Sara in as many capacities as I can fit into the boring everyday lives we all lead but this story is about Lisa's first night out as a Lady.
Over the last few months mistress had gently encouraged me to explore Lisalu more and I had been out as Lisa in the day time on a handful of occasions. This time however I was to go out for a meal and afterwards a few drinks with mistress. This is it I thought, finally after all these years I was simply so nervous.  Mistress took the time to help me get ready, help me with outfit choice, makeup and to settle my nerves.  
As we stepped out to walk to the restaurant I realised the training from mistress was already working I walked like a lady, I sat like a lady and even more I was a lady. This was simply amazing. The emotions were overwhelming at times but it was like I had been equipped with the confidence to handle it and this came from Lady Sara. We had a fab meal the waiter addressing me as female was unbelievable!
With a glass of wine and food settling my nerves nicely we moved to a cocktail bar.  Here I enjoyed my first "Pornstar Martini" how apt for the number of filthy things I have done with mistress and others in the kink community. I went to the lady's for the first time and was told what a beautiful dress by another lady just 'WOW' I almost didn't know how to respond but managed a mumbled thank you so much.
Needless to say the night went on for quite a while and it was a truly amazing experience. All I can say is a truly heartfelt massive THANK YOU to Lady Sara Borgia without you I would never of stepped out of the shadows or had the experiences I have had over the last 18 months.  To top it all of Lady Sara was named best UK mistress the day after something which I and many others had ensured we had voted for her across the preceding month. Lady Sara is the UK best mistress and I am proud to serve her in any way I can.
Dreams can come true

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