The Visit

I arrived close to Mistress’s house and parked up, far enough away so as not to cause offence. I stopped the car, took a deep breath and sent her an email asking for permission to come in.

I received the text back – permission granted. I walked to the front door and it opened. I entered

Mistress immediately demanded that I remove my shoes and socks. This was a mark of respect, servitude and humility for me. I stood there, in the hall, barefoot.

Mistress told me to take off my jacket and hang it on the bannister. I did this, then stood back in the hall. She then said, “Take out my plaything!” By this, she meant my cock and balls. I undid my zip and pulled them out. My cock started to swell a little.

“Ah, pleased to see me, I see!”, she said. Then she grabbed my cock and balls and pulled me into her room.

She slapped my cock. “We are going to have some fun today. Well I am, anyway! Take off your trousers”. I took them off. “Now your shirt”. I removed it and was standing there, with my cock and balls hanging out of my pants. “Now your pants. Inspection time”

I lowered my gaze. “Very good”, she said. “You remembered to avert your gaze when it is time for inspection”.

Mistress walked around me, slapping my arse and then my cock, which had started to swell again. “Very good”, she said. “Hah haaaa!!”

“Now, down on your knees”, she said, sternly. “Worship my foot”. I kissed and stroked her foot, as she put it out in front of me. I must have looked quite a sight, bent prostrate in front of my Mistress, completely naked.

When she was satisfied with this act of humiliation, Mistress said, “Now, stand up. Move over to the bench and get up on it”. I walked slowly to the bench and sat on it. “Torture time!”

Mistress pulled out some cord and tied it around my cock and balls. She then tied another piece around my balls, so they were both standing proud. “Now let’s see what we have here”.

She pulled out a cock ring, but not an ordinary one. This ring had a hinge, which allowed her to fit it securely, a lock, which she applied, and then what can only be described as a set of hedgehog spikes. These were, in reality, screw in spikes, which she could tighten at her pleasure.

“Now I am going to lock you into this and then tighten it down. My pleasure, your pain!”, she said.

As Mistress tightened the screws, I kept getting shooting pains into my cock. “Hah haaaa!”, she would cry, as I wailed in pain.

“Let’s go for a walk”, Mistress said. “Stand up”. I did so and, for the first time, could really see what had been going on. My cock and balls were covered in ropes, my cock swelling into the ring, which was locked with a padlock. “As you can see, you are mine. I am not going to let you free unless you are a good slave. COME HERE”. She tugged the rope, hard, and I had to move sharply forward.

She led me around the room, giggling as she did. I felt humiliated by this, but she was clearly having fun.

“Now, back on the bench. Put your feet down there”. She tied my feet to the bench, using her leather straps and chains. “Now your hands in here”. She tied my hands to the side of the bench, using similar leather straps. “Now you can’t move. Let’s keep going”.

Mistress kept tightening the screws and rubbing the head of my cock. This made it swell. When it did, the spikes become more painful. “Are you enjoying that?” she asked? I groaned. “Ha Haaaaa”, she said.

Mistress then took out the electro stim machine. She firstly teased me with it and then turned it up. She applied it to different parts of my cock and balls, changing the time between shocks. This made me nervous, as I was completely unsure as to when it was going to happen next and how strong the shock would be. Sometimes, it just made me twitch. Others, it made me sit up, so strong was the shock.

After finishing her fun with this, Mistress then said that it was time for some real enjoyment. She unlocked the cock ring and untied my cock and balls. “Time for cock-a-dillo!” she said. She showed it to me. Massive spikes that clearly were designed to hold my cock and balls in levels of pain and agony that I would only imagine.

“Let’s put this on”. I twitched and my cock started to swell again. Then I got the pain from the spikes for the first time. “Worst when we are putting it on” she said. “After that, it is exquisitely painful”.

She was right. She got my cock and balls in place and then started to tighten the screws. As she did so, the spikes pressed into my cock and balls and the pain started. I groaned and wriggled but could not free myself from the pain. “Good, gooood”, she purred, tightening the screws even more.

“Now let’s see how it feels when I do this”, she said. She stroked the head of my cock. The pleasure made my cock harden, which made the spikes dig in more, which in turn brought more pain. Nowhere to go! What a sensation – severe pain and severe pleasure, all mixed.

“I can see you are enjoying that”, she said, as I groaned and cried out in pain. Then she applied the electro stimulator, just for a little more pain. “And that”, she said.

This went on for a little while, until Mistress had had her fun. She decided it was time for me to leave.

“Time to go!”, she said. “Before you do, I want to see you coming for me. If you do, I will let you go free. If you don’t, I will send you away in chastity, as a punishment”. I begged that she would not do this, as it would have been an impossible humiliation. She said, “Well you had better come for me then!”

I lay on the floor. “Wait until I tell you!” she said. Then she told me to take my cock and start stroking it. “Slowly” she said. Then she started taunting me. “Go on, make it come. If you don’t, I will have to lock you up in chastity!” I begged her not to do this, as I moved towards my climax. “Come on, come on, or I will have to lock you up”.

Then I came. “Good boy” she purred. “Lay still”. I did as I was told, as Mistress laid paper towels on my stomach.

After a minute or so, Mistress said, “You can clear yourself up now”. I did that, and lay on my side, admiring my Mistress who was sitting above me on the couch. She had a conversation with me, I think it was about where I had come from and what I was doing. This was quite something, lying naked in her presence, session over, naked. I felt like her slave, having satisfied her, now being allowed to pass the time of day.

Eventually she said, “You can put your clothes on now”. I did that, all except my shoes and socks. I was still in her presence so it was appropriate for me to be barefoot until I got to the door. As I left, Mistress gave me a hug. I put on my shoes and socks and left.

“Till the next time”, she said.


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