The Gift Part 2

So, there I was. Lying on the bench. My cock was straining in the chastity device. I so wanted to get out, but Mistress was clearly having such fun with me.

She chained me to the bench, so my hands and feet could not move. “Let’s have come more fun!” She said, as she shocked my cock and balls once again. I writhed in pain, as I tried to move away from the shocks she was giving me.

Then She came up with another idea. “You clearly want to play with yourself, so I am going to let you. Oh, and I will let you worship my feet while you are doing it”. It sounded like Mistress was going to let me out. I get even more excited, in the hope that this frustration was going to end.

Mistress undid my hands and feet. “Stand up”, she said. “Now, lay down on the floor”. I did as she commanded. “Now, you can gaze at my feet”. But what about letting me out? Mistress had promised.

“Are you going to let me out, Mistress?” I asked, nervously. “What! Absolutely not! I know I said you can play with yourself. And I know I said you can worship my feet. But I certainly did not say you can get out of the device! Now, worship me and play with yourself. I want to see you writhing around on the floor. I don’t care how frustrated you are – I will decide when you get out – Not YOU!”

I got on to the floor. Mistress’s feet were absolutely wonderous. I was getting horny just looking at them. “Go on, play with yourself, worm!” she said.

I tried. I rubbed my balls, the tiny bit of my cock I could access through the hole, even the bits of my groin I could reach that were not covered by the device. I writhed about on the floor, utterly frustrated.

Mistress laughed and giggled. “Oh my goodness” she said “You ARE in a state! Would you like to get out?” I said I would. I pleaded. “No!” She said. “I haven’t finished with you yet!”

“Back on the bench with you”. Mistress once again tied me to the bench. I was shaking with frustration, as well as the worry that I might not actually get out of the device at all.

“Now, let’s see”, Mistress said. She took the keys from the box. I looked with some relief. “If I let you out, I will have to punish you again”. I agreed, saying that I had been inappropriately forward with Her earlier on, by asking to be let out.

Mistress teased me with the keys. “Here they are!” she said. “The keys to your freedom. But what should I do now?”

Mistress unlocked the device, leaving the lock hanging. “Half way there, then. Do you want me to let you out?” I whined that I did.

Mistress let me out. “Now then” she said. “That was all fun for you. My turn!”

Mistress proceeded to fit the Cocladillo again. This was excruciating last time. It was not different this time. “Sore, is it?” she said, as she tightened the screws. As before, my swelling cock met the sharp edges and I was in agony.

This went on for some time. Then Mistress said, “Time to go then. Are you going to give me a good finish, or am I going to lock you up again?” She took off the cockadillo, unlocked my hands and feet and told me to lie on the floor.

“You look pleased”, she said, as she surveyed my swelling cock. “Let’s see if it works. If you can cum after all that, you can go free. If not, it’s on with the device again”.

I felt under pressure, intimidated. “Go on then” she said. I started to work on my cock. It got hard. “Pathetic” she said. “Never seen anything like it. If you don’t produce for me, I will send you away with your cock all tied up again”.

I whimpered and continued to work on myself. As I got close, Mistress told me to leave it. But I couldn’t. I came all over myself. “You messy MESSY little worm” she said. “Still, I made you a promise. Here is your present back. I will keep the chocolate, though”.

As before, I lay in Mistress’s presence, naked, while we talked for a while. She gave me permission to put my clothes on, which I did, all except my shoes and socks. “Off you go, then”, she said. I sat on the step by the door and put on my shoes and socks. Mistress did me the honour of an embrace, before I left.

I felt so relieved. How would I have got on the plane? Ah well, for another day!


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