The gift – part 1

It was that time again. I was due to visit my Mistress, which entailed flying from my home to the airport near her and then travelling to see her in the hire car. However, this time, I had been a little too enthusiastic with my communications.

As a consequence, Mistress told me that i was to be punished before I arrived. How could this be? I had to travel to see Her – there was no other way.

Mistress told me to buy some items of equipment. The first was a plastic cock cage – one that could safely get through the machines – followed by an intriguing device. This was a timer locked container. This could be locked for any period of time, from second to days.

I knew what I had to do. I was to fit the cock cage before I went through security, with the lock fastened with a numbered plastic lock, similar to the ones used on trailers, (though, of course, much smaller.

I was to fit this before I left home and take a photo of the whole arrangement, showing the numbered lock in the picture.

I did this and proceeded to the airport. I could feel the plastic cage rubbing against my legs. My cock was dribbling with anticipation and, occasionally, filling up the cage as I contemplated my position.

Once I arrived at the airport, I proceeded through security. My instructions were then to proceed to the nearest toilet and take off all my clothes. Once I had done this, I was to fasten the padlock.

This I did. My cock once again started to swell in the cage, causing a little discomfort and, again, it dribbled in anticipation.

Once I had done that, the last act of submission was to take place. I knelt before the locking container, placed the keys into it, together with a small piece of chocolate as a gift. I set it for the amount of time between then and my scheduled meeting time – 6 hours and 40 minutes. I was then to press the button on the top of the container to lock it.

The container was a device set up to prevent people from indulging themselves, in whatever way. Anything from sweets, biscuits, cakes, even mobile phones. And, in my case, it was to stop me getting over excited and playing with myself, as I contemplated the humiliation and torture that was to come.

The timer is a very cleaver device. Once set, you can’t unlock it until the time is up. So I was, in effect, in Mistress’s control, once I pressed the button, as she would have the gift of the box by the time the box opened.

I knelt in from of the timer, my cock swelling but unable to escape. I could still get out, but would be in terrible trouble from Mistress when I arrived. So I did it. I fixed the lid, set the timer, took a deep breath and pushed the button.

The timer gave you five seconds to change your mind. I watched as the time counted down – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1.

“Click, whirr2, went the box. That was that – locked in chastity until I arrived at Mistress’s house and she decided what to do with me.

I got dressed, with no socks or pants as per Mistress’s instructions. I proceeded to the gate, where the plane was about to be called. To my horror, there was someone I knew. We got chatting. I was sure he could tell there was something wrong and the humiliation was making my cock swell and dribble again. But we got chatting and passed 15 minutes or so before boarding.

Once on the plane, Mistress had insisted that I travel barefoot after take off, right up until landing was called. She also told me to go to the toilet at least once, taking all my clothes off within the cubicle and looking at my caged condition. Once again, on queue, my cock swelled and dribbled.

After two minutes, which was the time she specified, I returned to my seat. I was acutely aware of the situation I was in. In chastity, with no prospect of getting out on my own, as I would be handing over the container containing the key just before it was due to open. Mistress would be in control of the key and could, well, let me out of keep me in. It was Her call.

I left the plane and picked up my car. It was still four two and a ahlf hours before our meeting. My cock continued to swell and dribble on occasion.

As instructed, before arriving, I went to a nearby coffee shop. After ordering a coffe, I went to the toilet, as instructed, taking off my clothes within the cubicle. This time, I needed to go, quite badly, so had to work out how to do it. Clothes off, squatting on the toilet and then – relief. Of course, it made a bit of a mess, particularly of the cage, which I then had to clear off with paper.

I put on my clothes and went for my coffee. I could not take my mind of my ‘condition’ – locked in chastity and under total control of Mistress.

I approached Mistress’s house and, as usual, messaged her for permission to approach. She gave me that in a return message, adding, “I hope you have secured my present”. I replied that I had.

I put the container into a gift bag and. As I approached the house, I was invited in again. “Shoes and socks off – you know the rules!” she exclaimed, disappointed I had forgotten. “After I was barefoot, she told me to stand in front of her. “Do you have my present?” she said.

I said that I did and gave her the gift bag. “Ah, you have put it in a gift bag. What a good little worm you are”.

She pulled me into her room and told me to take off my clothes. “First trousers”, She said. “oooh – what have we here!” Shirt off!”

IU shuddered, my cock swelling in the cage harder than ever before. “Sore, is it? Pleased to see me?

“Inspection time”. As per the rules. I lowered my gaze. Mistress pulled at the cage. “Good, very good”, she said. Then she looked at the container, which had just opened itself..

Ahh, two gift”, she said. “Some lovely chocolates and, well, your cock and balls! All mine! Mistress laughed, in that way that only she knows, making me shudder. “What do you want me to do?” She asked. I suggested that she might let me out. “Let you out?” She exclaimed. I have no intention of doing that, not now I have you. I am going to send you away with the timer set for at least days”> I murmured in distress and begged her to change her mind.

Mistress stroked my balls, which made my cock swell again. “Nice?” She said. “Well, let’s see where we go from here”.

Mistress told me to lie on the floor. For the first time, she showed me Her bare feet. I had been longing to look upon them even since I had met her. My cock wanted to as well, as it swelled again and dribbled profusely.

“Oh you like them then,”, She said. “I will have to use them on yo”.

She told me to open my legs and then started to work on my balls with her feet. At first, she stroked them, driving me crazy as my cock swelled. Then she kicked me sharply. I groaned. “Shut up”, she said. “I will tell you when to speak. This went on for a while, as I continued to be stroked and kicked.

Mistress set me on her bench and tied me to it iusing the leather straps. “Let’s see where we go now”

Mistress pulled out her electric shock equipment. She shocked the base of my cock, the tip and my balls. My cock swelled again and I begged that she let me out.

“We shall see”, she said. “We shall see”


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