September 2018

Here is My testimonial Mistress I hope can be added to your website.

It's been nearly 4 years since i first visited Lady Sara. She was my first ever visit to a Mistress, I couldn't quite believe how good this experience was. As I had been someone who had been nervous about a first session, I browsed the internet top to bottom searching for the Mistress that was for me. Anyway Lady Sara was the one I picked. Jackpot!

Now when I first met her She was very good with me being a newbie and all. You wont believe what you see when she opens the door to you, I thought She was a looker on Her website but when you see her for real you'll be in heaven. Stunningly beautiful, very articulate and she had that way of being down to earth but She also made it clear who was the superior. A little time passed after this first experience and my curiosity got the better of me. I was thinking that there could be many like Lady Sara out there. So I decided to try other Mistresses, quite a few actually. It has to be said I had a great experience with each lady. Always at the back of my mind, after the high of a session ended , I would think of Lady Sara. 

4 years down the line I know exactly who My Mistress is, the one that knows me best, the one that connects with my kinks, the one I yearn to serve. I try and visit monthly but sometimes due to personal circumstance this isn't always possible. 3 days ago I visited Lady Sara and it had been 6 weeks since I served. It had felt like an eternity. The excitement level was at an all time high. The session was the best yet. She has so many ways to tease, torment and torture you. The possibilities seem endless and her memory is so accurate regarding what happened in recent sessions, A dream come true, She moves you from Heaven to Hell in a flash. I'm having the time of my life and always excited about whats coming next!

A note to subs who are new to the scene, Lady Sara listens to you!! If something is a hard limit she will not break these limits . Be warned though, I had a list of hard limits that I thought would never change. Gradually over time I found I was asking Her to do things to me that I never thought I would. She drew out some pretty deep fantasies that even I didn't know were lurking in me.

Thank you Lady Sara, I hope this journey continues for a long time.

Happy Slave

July 2018

Well I had the most amazing time last week with the wonderful Miss Borgia!

She really is a force to be reckoned with, she really knows her stuff!  She manages to hypnotise you with her magic tools of pain, I am a pain slut myself and very experienced and yet haven't really experienced anything quite like it before... hard to explain I guess you had to be there although it might of made your eyes water as it did mine!

Lets just say she seems to be able to put you into subspace, she seems to gently coax you into taking more pain without you realising it and then all of a sudden you are aware you have gone above and beyond your limits.

But it is done with such grace and simplicity she really has left me baffled (in a good way) I hope this doesn't sound like mumbo jumbo I'm not the best at putting thoughts to paper although I really wanted

to convey my experience to Miss Borgia and hopefully to the world via the testimonial page!

Needless to say I will be re-booking in the near future and hope for more amazing opportunities to have my limits

edged into new dimensions by this wonderful lady.

Yours obediently Charles.

April 2018

I have found my Goddess!

As I was looking online for a Dominatrix I was lucky enough to come across Lady Sara Borgia's website.  As I glanced through the pages of her website I decided I would give it a go!

I am not from the Midlands area so I wasn't quite sure about the distance and travelling etc, but luckily for me I made the decision to do it. Well how lucky am I, I have found a true Goddess...

Lady Sara Borgia made me feel absolutely wonderful.  I was nervous at first, which is understandable, but as the hour progressed I really wanted to please Lady Sara.

There is something about taking pain for a beautiful lady which really resonates with me and even though I'm not a pain slut I felt the need to take more pain in Lady Sara's presence.

Lady Sara is very cheeky and knows how to push your buttons and as others have mentioned before, her eyes and wicked smile really make you feel like you have found the perfect women!

I am so happy to of found such a jewel in the heart of the Midlands and will be visiting her again as soon as I am able.

A truly wonderful lady.

Thank you Lady Sara for such a wonderful time yesterday and I hope it is the start of a wonderful 


Slave Paul.

October 2017

Mistress told me she wouldn't be coming down south for a while so I asked Mistress if I could see her in Birmingham. Mistress kindly allowed me this honour.

The last Mistress I saw sessioned five minutes walk from my home but I would rather spend my day travelling to and from Birmingham to see my beautiful Mistress then see anyone else.

Would you rather walk to your Ford Escort next door or travel to your Beautiful Aston Martin ?

I left home early and got to Birmingham early as I didn't want anything to go wrong and be late.
I got to Mistresses home,I was nervous, my mouth was dry and I had butterflies in my stomach. The door opened and there was the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. Mistress smiled her beautiful smile but I knew this could change at any second.

Mistress showed me into her dungeon and we chatted, and had a cold drink. I could talk to Mistress all day, she is so easy to talk to.

Mistress told me to get naked and kneel on the floor and await her return. I did so, and naked in a strange place I could hear the beautiful sound of Mistresses high heels walking around the house. This added to the suspense.

Mistress entered the room and I was taken in by her beauty, Mistress is stunning.

When I am with Mistress I am completly in her power and want to show her my devotion and obedience.
I had a wonderful time and am so happy I have at last met the beautiful Mistress I want to serve forever.

On the journey home I reflected on what had happened and smiled to myself. I'm sure the other passengers though I was some kind of idiot but I don't care. I have found my place in life at the feet of the beautiful Goddess, Lady Sara Borgia.

Thank you Mistess for showing me my true place in life, beneath you.

Mistress I hope that meets with your approval
With respect

August 2017

I have seen many professional Mistresses over the years but none like Lady Sarah Borgia.
I had exchanged emails and texts with Mistress and obviously looked at her site and her beautiful photos, but nothing had prepared me for how stunningly beautiful Mistress is.

The door opened and the sun blinked at the beauty of Mistress. I was taken back but Mistress smiled and put me at ease. Once inside Mistress chatted and I was a bit more relaxed. Mistress then looked very stern and told me to look at the floor and not her. I obviously obeyed and looked down, but every part of Mistress looks gorgeous.

Mistress told me to undress and inspected me and told me to kneel before her. Such beautiful words, I would beg for the honour to kneel before Mistress.

Mistress is very clever and very dominant. At times Mistress would talk about normal things and laugh and joke but would quickly become strict and stern again.

I don't know if I'm allowed to say what we did but one thing really surprised and thrilled me. While I was over Mistresses lap and she was spanking me she has an usual and very effective technique for keeping you under control.

I have waited all my life to meet the perfect Mistress and at long last I have found her. I can't wait to kneel at her pretty little feet and pledge my obedience and devotion to her.

To me Lady Sarah is much more than a Mistress, she is truely a beautiful Goddess that I can't wait to worship and adore.

Mistress thank you for your time.
With respect

May  2017

(I wanted to write this testimonial as a small token of my appreciation.)

Lady Sara is stunningly beautiful and has a natural charisma that will have you longing to please her.

When I showed up for my first session I was a complete newbie and was incredible nervous.

Lady Sara was very welcoming and immediately made me feel at ease. She has the  ability to read you and adapt to make you feel more comfortable.

In that first session I was given a fantastic taste of the things I was interested in and was left eager for more.

In our sessions since then Lady Sara has continued to introduce me to more wonderful experiences, pushing me further each time without ever going to far to soon.

Thank you for teaching me to be a better submissive and allowing me to continue to kneel before you.


March 2017

Well I was a newbie up until a few months ago.  That was before I plucked up the courage to visit

Lady Borgia.

It took a while for me to take the plunge and make fantasy a reality, but I'm so glad that I did.

Having had the most amazing session two months ago with Lady Borgia.

 I became very excited about the prospect of being submissive again very soon after, but unfortunately Lady Borgia

 was fully booked.

Caught up in the excitement of how much I'd enjoyed myself I decided to book with another Mistress who 

was free at the time and in my naivety expected to have another amazing session.

Unfortunately my second session was a complete let down and I quickly realised how lucky I'd been to

 come across Lady Borgia first and experience true domination from such a fine lady.

Little did I know that the kind of dominance she exudes is quite special... she doesn't try too hard

and is just a wonderful natural dominant lady who can also be very kind and caring.

My second experience was quite different and I found myself thinking I would like to be 

one of Lady Borgias regular submissives.

Since then I have had three more sessions with the lovely Lady Borgia, my Mistress has

been very nurturing of my submissiveness and has introduced me down the rabbit hole and 

even encouraged me to try out another mistress if I felt the need to experiment further which

shows great strength of character to her credit.

For now I have no plans except to walk down the path that Lady Borgia is taking me, I simply can't

wait to wear her lead and collar!

This testimonial is my way of thanking my Mistress for the sessions we've had together.


February 2017

Hi there, hope you are well.

Still thinking of you often and fondly, finally got a chance to draft this, i hope its ok!

Submission is a very personal thing. I researched the web seeking a Mistress with whom I could explore Ds and approached
Lady Sara with due honesty and respect. I would recomment anyone to do the same.

Lady Sara was so direct and honest in the build up, so helplful with travel arrangements, the nerves I was really excited by
the time I made it to her simple, warm and elegant facility. The warmth of the welcome was such that it was more striking
than Lady Sara's beauty, and she is stunningly attractive. I have not seen a photo which does justice to her in person.
We had a great pre session chat which showed her profesionalism in preparation, but also her natural dominance and,
most endearingly and importantly, humour, respect and warmth.

When Lady Sara was comfortable and had established her expectations a wonderful, unhurried session began. Packed with
new sensations, varied and intuitive play, pushing towards limits with great skill, vignettes of sublime humiliation, hints of
intimidating pain, frequently punctuated with her melodic laughter. In our first session tnothing pushed the boundaries of
trust, but Lady Sara's dominance, imagination and sadism were evident. Glimpses of the possibilities constantly pop into
my mind.

I feel I am a better submission for having served Lady Sara, and am planning to return soon and often to continue my education.


October 2016

I would like to write a small token of my appreciation to you Lady Sara for the session time we shared together.I was very
nervous and apprehensive about booking with a new Mistress, but you made me feel wonderful and scared at the same
time which was just perfect!

I'm not going to prattle on as I know your time is precious, but I would like to be added to your testimonial page so I can
recommend to everyone who mayread my humble words, to convey howmuch Lady Sara is a wonderful Lady, the very
best at what she does! If there is a submissive man out there who was like me, nervous and worried then let me tell them
all not to be! Lady Sara Borgia is wonderful!

I do hope this small letter will make it upon your website and I hope to see you again as soon as its possible!

All the best wishes for You My lady Sara,

my thoughts are about you!


August 2016 

Dear LSB

I wanted to put thoughts down on paper to try and express how it feels to be back in your life again. In case you might like to use this for your testimonial page. I will write this heart felt letter in a way that will explain to those who might read it as well as you My Mistress.

You see I unfortunately i moved away due to circumstances with my job. I was very happy with Lady Borgia and had been seeing Her every few weeks or so…

So a new job came up that took me up north and after feeling very sorry for myself i decided to find a new Mistress who lived nearer to me. At first i was optimistic that i would findsomeone perhaps nearly as fantastic,beautiful,charismatic,dominant and one who could own me in such away as only I'd experienced with Lady Sara Borgia.

Well I found a lovely lady up north who was a pleasure to serve, only she was not able to put me in my place, keep me in my place and didn't have that gleeful twinkle in Her eye that Lady Sara always had as she tortured me!  So I wasn't able to take as much pain which made me feel rather inadequate to be honest. I felt incomplete.  I knew I could take morepain as I had done with Lady Sara!!!

Without sounding to big headed (i really don't mean to show off) but when in Lady Sara's presence  a certain kind of magic occurs whereby i found myself doing things i never thought i could, indeed i found myself asking Lady Sara if she thought it possible for me to have the honor of being marked by Her cane! Bearing in mind I'd always thought thatspanking/flogging had been my limit!  I was able to take  CBT for my Mistress and I know it's one of Lady Sara's
favorites, but so to is the cane and i wanted to  please her as best i could...

Well there is something magical about Lady Sara Borgia with a cane in her hand! I am able to take the cane because of HER.  She has a special kind of power.

So now i travel 5 hours to see HER, because it's worth the journey, I have found my Mistress and  i will never let the distance come between me and Her delightful dominance overme ever again!I might not be able to see HER as often as when i lived in Birmingham, but i'm once again at peace,under HER wing. Having my limits pushed, drifting off into subspace and falling deep into the realm of submitting... i am home.

Dear Lady Sara Borgia i hope this heartfelt letter makes you smile, you know i am yours i am happy to be marked by your cane or anything you see fit!

Always and for as long as i am fit to be seen by YOU.

All the best,
See you soon,

June 2016

Dear Mistress,

I would like to say what an honor it was to be in your presence during a fantastic 2 hours that we shared last week. You are a credit to the industry and one of the very finest I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

I have marvelled at your technique ever since our session with a smile on my face, i truly feel you have dominated me like no other!  (and there has been a few) Your wicked smile, intuition and a general ease at everything you did plus you really truly have a wicked imagination!  

You kept the tempo of the session going with such ease... what a lucky sub i was to be in the same room as you! 

I would like to extend my thanks and admiration.  You took me to a place of submission i have not experienced before and i genuinely took more pain than ever before (which i did say at the end of the session) but i really wanted to explain that it was only because of you and your beauty, expert hand and just the way you knew how and when to push me further which was so amazing.  

A real fine majestic Queen.  

If there was a competition for best Domme you would win! I'm counting down the days until we meet again.

A note of advice to subs - It took me nearly a month to get to see Lady Sara Borgia because I was calling Her instead of texting or emailing as instructed by Her website this was a rookie mistake and she ignored my calls. Eventually I read her website correctly and texted her a very polite message about an appointment. I would go further to advise you to book in advance for this amazing Lady or miss out!

Yours faithfully,

May 2016

A session with Mistress Sara Borgia.

After reading Her web site over and over and also studying Her twitter page to death it was time to arrange a 1 to 1 session. I'm a sissy who loves to dress as a girlie, l also wear a full self made steel chastity belt and love a little CP. I'm a sucker for a good looking Dominatrix too. Mistress Borgia ticked all the boxes as l did my due diligence prior to booking.

Communication was via e-mail, as all of my interests were covered a date was set for an extended session at a very reasonable tribute. I tend to book well in advance but in the week before the session more e-mails were exchanged. I texted Mistress Borgia the morning of the session and was given a few simple instructions. Mistress Borgia sessions from a play space in a domestic setting (Birmingham) and safe parking is available right outside, however I preferred to park in a local car park and walk the short distance to the property. 

I nervously waited until I was given permission to approach the door bang on the agreed time. The area is fine and the walk down the wide pavement to the house number given was no problem at all. As I turned into the driveway which isn't over looked the porch door opened and the next minute I was inside and the door closed. 

Mistress Borgia welcomed me in and removed the house coat She had answered the door in. She looked absolutely stunning, her pic's really do not do Her justice. She led me into Her private play space in a down stairs room and invited me to sit down on the sofa and offered me a drink. I was in awe of Her exquisite beauty, friendliness and sheer class. As we discussed a few boundaries it became very obvious that this Lady is capable of bringing any man to his knees. Mistress then left the room whilst I got changed with the instructions to address Her only as Mistress when She returned. The property and indeed the play space was exceptionally clean, the play room was dominated by a secure cage with a padded top and a new Fetters bench.

Mistress entered the room and the mood suddenly changed as I was slow to obey a simple instruction, right there and then I knew I had made the right decision to see this natural born Dominatrix. She can be very demanding but at the same time very encouraging as She takes you on a journey where you have no choice but to submit to a mind blowing experience tailored to suit your needs. Communication is important but this Mistress seem to intuitively know what you need and exactly how far She can push you to reach this goal.

I won't go into detail about my personal time in session with Mistress Borgia but She has raised my submission to new levels and there is nothing l wouldn't let Her do if it made Her happy. The one obvious thing is She appears to genuinely enjoy every moment of the session and isn't the type to clock watch either. After the session has finished there is time made available to wind down from the giddy heights with a chat and drink, a shower and a further chat. A quick hug and you slide away with an experience you will replay over and over again until it's repeated with further twists and turns. If Carling did BDSM Mistress Borgia would be their choice. 

Just remember,
Barack Obama maybe President,
Bruce Springsteen is the Boss
But Mistress Borgia will become your addiction.

Slave Sarah.

March  2016

Dear Mistress,

I'm not so good writing down my thoughts so please forgive me if my testimonial is rather boring compared to others i've read on your page. I was never very good at writing down my thoughts,  give me some math sums and i'll be in my element lol!

After today this has been my 5th session with Mistress Lady Sara Borgia. She is wonderful, She is very dominant and She is the best Dominatrix that I've ever had!  (I've seen around 5 or 6 in the last few years)

Every Domme i've seen before was a fantastic lady etc, but none are like Lady Sara Borgia!

I hope to continue seeing Her and hope she may one day except me as a collared slave although i know she is very fussy about this process and i have to prove my worth, which i definitely intend to do.

So thank you Mistress for allowing me to be your slave and i hope my clumsy effort at writing a testimonial doesn't screw my chances up of getting further into your favor!

Even if i am not suitable to be owned by You as i've said before You can count on me to be your driver, to take you and your friends for dinner anytime (evenings) and to take you shopping on weekends.  

Thank you again Mistress,


February  2016

Dear Lady Sara,

While you've been away I've had plenty of time to realize how much I can't survive without our monthly meetings!

I've had chance to ponder a world without you in it and its a terribly depressing... without Your strong guidance, dominance and beauty my pathetic existence becomes even more miserable.

I am so very very excited that you are back on British soil and ready to reprimand me. Tomorrow could not come fast enough and I'm literally on the floor  in my bedroom on my knees and bowing down to you in practice and exhilaration for what I know will be another amazing, divine, wonderful and exciting session.  Be it painful, be it difficult, yet it will be such an honor to see you and kneel at your feet once more.

I will be bringing your favorite Champagne along with your favorite chocolate and I've also bought you a surprise gift from my business trip to Brussels which I am very nervous to offer you in case my taste does not match up to your absolute class and stature, but if it doesn't I'd be happy for you to sell it or give it away.  The lady who helped me choose the item said it would make any women weak at the knees who received such an elegant gift which really made me laugh and I promptly told her that You was no ordinary lady!

Well now I've said too much as I really do want to give you a surprise and I shouldn't say anymore about it!

My dear lady, Until tomorrow,

Your slave/sub/bitch/property

January 2016

Dear beautiful Mistress,

What a wonderful afternoon!  I will treasure last Thursday for ever in my heart. Not only do you look even more amazing in the flesh, but you have so much class and dominance it really was a surreal experience for me. I don't think any other Mistress that I've visited over the many long years that i have served have been anywhere near Your level. – Truly mesmerizing. 

I have never took so many strokes of the cane or been able to push myself so far as i did with you.  Its all because of you. I found myself wanting to take pain for you and not the kind of pain i usually enjoy. I must confess I can take on any manner of pain and usually can go so far with it, but with you... a whole new level. I was so dumbfounded by your beauty and personality.

I couldn't believe how much more i was able to endure. You have a certain elegance that money just can't buy!

You are something very special My Lady and the power you have could send men to the slaughter in honor of you, but you seem to use your power very wisely indeed.

Such a wonderful Lady and now i fear I'm just repeating myself! What else can i say apart from the time i shared with you is most precious indeed and i can't wait to spend another two hours with you or more if its possible.

Further to our conversation about webcam I would be delighted to meet you there in between our sessions so that i can see you for even just 15 minutes or so and be used by you and made to kneel and praise you.

I can't believe you are going away soon and I've only just found you! I will wait very patiently for your return and am free to serve you if you need a lift to the airport or anything else I am at your service.

To finish off i would like to say that you have a wonderful play space and everything about the session we had is magical!

Please allow this humble servant to be at your feet again very soon.

All the best,

Hope you can use this on your testimonial page so the memory is kept even stronger!

Your servant,

mike (saggysack)

October  2015

Dear Mistress,

Thank you so much for the photos.  It was a fantastic experience having them taken and great to see them now. As promised, I thought I would put down my experiences from the session yesterday, to show my appreciation...…

May I also add that I humbly requested for photos to be taken during my session with Lady Sara Borgia and to be clear this was a session request and My Mistress does NOT take photos unless a slave humbly inquires for this to be possible.

In case no-one reads any further, I will start by saying that the session yesterday was incredible; everything that I hoped it would be and more. Lady Sara picked up on everything we had briefly discussed and developed it into a mind-blowing experience.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I had taken far too long since my first session to organize a second, though it was really appreciated that Mistress remembered not only me, but the session details...and intended to push things further this second time...

After a minute or two to settle my nerves and appreciate how gorgeous Mistress is, I was instructed to strip and head to the bathroom to be prepared.  Then back to the room to hear that I would be transformed into a sissy slut for Mistress's amusement....whether I wanted to or not.…

My heart racing and mouth dry, a pretty pink collar was fastened securely around my neck and I was led, by the chain and leather lead, to Her bench and strapped down face up. Mistress made it very clear that I shouldn't resist or fight, or there'd be consequences - the cane or photos taken and spread around.

Firstly, a cock gag was forced into my mouth and strapped behind my head, so there was no way of complaining or arguing. Then fishnet stockings and bright pink panties on, along with a leopard skin suspender belt clipped to the stockings.  "Looking like a pretty sissy slut already" Mistress whispered in my ear, "but you'll look like more of one soon". I tried to ask for help, but couldn't make any sense through the gag and Mistress only laughed and took out Her phone to take some photos. I couldn't move or talk clearly enough to do anything about it.

Mistress then brought out Her make up bag and carefully applied blusher, mascara and eyeliner. The gag was only removed so that plenty of bright pink lipstick could be applied,but only after my lips were dusted so that "the lipstick will stay on for longer when you're sucking My cock like the slut you are".  

I was let up from the bench, made to put on a bright pink padded bra and a pretty frilly short skirt, and the look completed with a bright pink bobbed wig.  I was led to the full-length mirror to see the full transformation.  I couldn't help but moan quietly. But there was no time to think too much about it, as I was made to go over Her knee for paddling and slapping, making me shiver and twitch.

Then it was kneeling, head down to the floor. When I lifted my head again, I was confronted with the sight of Mistress sitting on Her chaise longue, legs apart with a large flesh-coloured veiny  strap-on standing to attention.  Mistress put on some lap-dancing music, and made me sway, twirl and gyrate for her, while She wanked her strap-on. She only stopped to take out Her phone and take photos, telling me that I looked like a proper slut.  I couldn't help but get
into it, and when I was told to move into various poses for more photos, I really felt my inner slut come out - standing, turning, bending, twirling, kneeling, lying back, sucking on a finger, stroking through my padded bra and panties.  Anything to please my Mistress.

I was then instructed to get back on my knees in front of Mistress to lick and suck Her cock. Her hand on the back of my head, and pulling on the lead attached to the collar so I had no choice but to take it all into my mouth, as She again took out Her phone to capture the moment with photos.  As I finally pulled back, I could clearly see the bright pink lipstick smeared up and down the shaft and head.

As Mistress remained seated, I turned around to present my virgin arse to Her. Mistress was good enough to use a variety of sizes of dildos to prepare me...All the time Mistress teased me, telling me what a true sissy I was. And at that point, I couldn't disagree.

I was then forced to turn around so that Mistress could stand and move behind me.  As the final act of the session, it was everything I could have hoped for, as Mistress made me call out
what a slut I was and how much I enjoyed it.  I really was, and I really did. It'll take me a long time to come back down to earth, but I know I'll visit again well before that happens.

Truly a wonderful session and experience.  I have copies of some of the photos as a fantastic memento and to remind me of my place. And if you look at Mistress's Twitter page, you may see a couple of them as well.

Mistress - now that I look back at this email, I see that its a lot longer (and filthier) than I thought it would be! I think the photos must have inspired me! It's maybe more like a short story than a testimonial, so please let me know if its not what you expected, or feel free to cut it down as you see fit - or else let me know and I will change it?  I hope, at least, it shows how much I enjoyed the session and look forward to the next one.

Yours, very gratefully

September 2015

Good evening Lady Borgia,

I wanted to write you a meaningful, detailed account of my experience as  your slave when we did the extended over night session last month. I've had the pleasure of serving you 2 hours at a time over the last year as you know. Each session was fabulous and it seemed to always get better and better so please don't think me greedy, but i always felt like i needed more. The time passes so quickly and before you know it its time to get back to reality. 

We had discussed the extended session and after a few months and a few pay checks later I booked the most sensational session of my entire life! I admit that I've been around - a bit of a slave whore as you called me when we first met lol! I will never forget that conversation we had the very first time we met and i explained how many sessions I'd had over the last ten years!

So then I met you and I settled down because our sessions quite frankly became enough for me.  Although i always wanted longer time i never felt that i needed to see a different Mistress for a possible fix in between our sessions which is how i used to operate before i met you Lady Sara.

So to continue with my story i had been looking forward to the extended session so much that it was all i could think about, indeed I couldn't concentrate at work that week! I had been saving my pennies each month and i couldn't wait to hand myself over to you for the whole 9 hours... or was it 10 hours I know we ran over time…anyway you was superb at keeping me entranced and i didn't realize how deep you can go, how deep into subspace a longer session
can take me... that was very intense for me. I felt like a REAL slave to the most superior Women ever! 

I really did get into that place in the mind that is reserved for Femdom.  The part of my mind that is hidden but truly a part of who i am. This part of me is the little voice that spurns me on when i make the appointment to see you. The part of me that lies awake at night thinking about when you used me as your furniture, or what ever you desired at the time. I only want to please you.

When i was just a boy i knew i was meant to serve Women, i only wanted to be of use, never thinking of myself. Its been with me since i was a child and has become who i am as an adult. Thats me! I truly thank you for giving up that time, allowing me in your presence and  taking me on that journey of true submission.

Really was an honor for me and I will be saving up so i can repeat the experience for a special Christmas present to myself!

All hail to Lady Borgia!

August 2015

Good afternoon Mistress,

i have been pondering about our session last week and finding it hard to put thoughts to paper, but here goes…

I was captivated from the beginning by your beauty when you answered the door and it really has had a lasting effect on me. Before you even started to use me i was blown away. You are a true Lady, such a beautiful voice and a deep understanding of Your subs.

As the session progressed it was hard for me not to think about how lucky i was to be in Your presence and i really hope that i can return again very soon. I would like to be your slave on a regular basis and i can only hope that i will live up to your expectations of how i should be. Entirely in your hands.

And if i didn't have a personal (family life) i would offer myself completely as a personal slave and support you how ever you deemed fit. Alas i can not do that, but i will regularly visit you so i can be yours a few times a month at least!

Yours slave pete.

July 2015

Dear Mistress

Thank You so much for seeing Me the other day. Its took me a few days to sort my head out after such a special session. I can hardly express my joy at finding such a wonderful Mistress. You are such a beautiful Women and I was really quite shy being in Your presence and i mean't every word that i said about serving You long term.

There are so many other things i could say, You truly are the Dominatrix for me. i only hope you will allow me at your feet again!


S.Brian xxx

May 2015

Dearest and most gorgeous of Mistresses

Thank You so much for the most wonderful time today - our times together keep getting better and better. You looked more beautiful than ever: it's hard to believe that someone
so exquisite could get more beautiful, but You do each time i see You. I hope You enjoyed our time together, it was so wonderful to be allowed into Your presence, to worship You and to be used by You. 

I was pleased to receive Your favourite strap-on Goldie and hope he felt welcome, and will visit many more times! It's testimony to Your skill that You have enabled me to
receive Him so soon. I thought it would take loads of visits to reach that point, so thank You for Your patience. And once again it was truly special to be drenched in Your golden shower and then used so harshly.

Today was a very emotional experience for some reason, i shed a few tears. I'm not sure why, but they were good tears and it was a truly special moment that moved me with a very real sense of devotion towards You. In fact the whole experience of these last few weeks has been quite overwhelming as You have captivated me. I hope You don't mind me saying so.

So thank You, I hope I can serve You worthily in all ways. 

I'm sorry it looks like being a few weeks before I can come again. I shall be looking for any unexpected opportunities that arise!

Your devoted slave

April 2015

Thank You so much for our time yesterday. It was a real pleasure to meet You. You are exquisitely beautiful and a wonderful person to be with. It was a privilege simply to be in Your presence. I savor the memory of every moment.

I'm very grateful for your advice about Enemas etc and eager to learn more.

I have been dwelling on how wonderful You looked. Everything You did was wonderfully enjoyable and the time just flew by. Thank You, by the way, for being so generous with Your time, especially with a busy day ahead of You.

I came away feeling not only honored to meet You, but that I have so much yet to learn! I hope that You will be kind enough to continue to teach and train me to Your satisfaction.


Dear lady B,

It was so very wonderful seeing you last week.

There comes a time in a subs life when he has to take the bull by the horns and see a real Mistress instead of wimping out! I know its no excuse, but after a few bad experiences a long long time ago I promised myself i would never pay to see a Mistress again. 

That being said it never left my mind and it was a long hard struggle trying to pretend to myself that i didn't need to do it. Its  a very scary thing to do and its not about the money its just really awful when it doesn't go the way you hoped. Not to say i'm not open to having boundaries pushed and i certainly don't expect a 'scenario' played out to the letter, but it's so disappointing and takes the wind out of your sails when the experience isn't so good. Maybe i was just an unlucky boy!

So it gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial as others before me have and it helped me in making a choice (for the better) so i wanted to write something meaningful and from the heart...

When you answered the door it truly took my breath away, you showed me into a delightful house that was very easy to find and with private parking out front was a real bonus.  A very lovely spacious house which was entirely at your disposal was again a real  treat, to be used in the kitchen was a new thing for me and it still excites me now writing about it!  The dungeon room was a marvel and I can't believe how scary the confinement box is!  Sadly I will never be able to go into it as i have a fear of small spaces. (Mildly claustrophobic) That said it looked very exciting! Everything you did to me was spot on, you read me like a book and that in  itself is very impressive indeed.

If I could i would award you best Mistress prize!!

Please give me the honor of serving you again very soon.

April 2015

Wow where do I begin...

I was checking around a lot for the last 3 months for a Dominatrix in the Midlands area. I work in London every couple of months and have had My fair share of London Dommes over the years. I live just outside of Birmingham and I'd never tried any Dommes near by anyway after a lot of hesitation and indeed trepidation I decided to contact Lady Sara Borgia. 

We settled on a date and soon the day had arrived!  I love to see and indeed feel the dominance of a women just by sitting beside her chatting about anything really it could be the weather, but It always excites me when you can tell they are naturally dominant without having to make an effort.

This is what I got from LSB she is simply dominant, witty and charismatic.She immediately sucked me in within two minutes of being in her company I knew I'd made the right choice.

We did a two hour session and the time definitely went over, she doesn't clock watch at all. Simply it was the best session I've had to date.

She has a certain style that really is a joy to submit too, she is VERY attractive and looks better in real life than in her pictures, but I knew that would be true judging from what I'd heard about her. She is sorely missed on the London scene and has many admirers and I'm proud to add myself to that list! 

What an honor to have met Lady Sara Borgia and how lucky I am to have found her... right on my doorstep!

March 2015

Thanks so much for today. Excellent! You really understood my desires - from what i'd written, and in response as play proceeded - especially regarding extensive heavy bondage and the "ceremony" of applying it - best ever in that respect - really got me going; subspace, at last, i'd say - even before Mistress got to the torture itself. Yet even during the torture, Mistress was very careful to avoid "bad" pain; interspersed with plenty of contrasting contact. Nice touches of strict control and (verbal and physical) humiliation throughout. Truly exhilarating!

Some lovely new things for me: very secure bondage on the spanking bench, and especially so on the table, with much rope and chains too; tulip crop; penis-gag; bespoke-adjusted many-spike cock-ring (wow!); with lock (forced chastity; an immense humiliation and turn-on!); permission/compulsion to _worship_ feet, yummy! - and i don't even have a foot/shoe fetish! Although subjectively i've had harder spanking, and with very long-lasting marks, this is the first time i've had a sore arse after leaving the dungeon - a lovely reminder - presumably objectively harder than thought; very surprising - probably, as Mistress later observed, owing to our working very well together.

Very friendly and understanding chat before and afterwards. So glad it was very good for Mistress too; really makes my day to know that. Mistress picked up and responded to my mood at all times. No hurrying; most generous in time - presumably because Mistress really was also enjoying Herself, and enjoyed seeing my submission.

Very wonderful. Till next time.

A very happy slave,



Dear Lady Sara,

Sorry to have taken so long to thank you. I have not come down from cloud nine yet. To say I very much enjoyed your company is an understatement. I think you are that rare blend of gorgeous sweet femininity mixed with a polished steel will. I am entranced and totally in your thrall. Our meeting was so much more than I dared hope and totally satisfying. The ongoing feeling of relaxation and release is exactly as you predicted. I hope the feeling will not wear off too soon, but when it does, wild horses and fierce dragons would not keep me from your door.

Love Richard

Dear Lady Borgia,

What an honour it was to serve you!

I can hardly believe my luck in finding you and having the success of actually being allowed at your feet. The session was exquisite, You are truly a wondrous Lady who knows what to do to a low and submissive slave like me!

Thank you so much for allowing me to visit you and i can't wait to do it all over again. Your new premises are divine like yourself.

Please let me know when the new confinement box/cage arrives so i can test it out for you!

I'm working away for the next two weeks, but will endeavour to be at your service shortly after.

Most sincere love and admiration,

all the best,


p.s you was right about the marks!

Dear Lady Sara Borgia

Just a brief message to thank you for a wonderful experience this afternoon. I have just arrived at my hotel in Liverpool having driven the whole distance with ridiculous smile all over my face. I knew you'd  be good, but the experience surpassed my wildest expectation.
I have found my Mistress.

I will see you again soon.

Dear Sara,

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the session yesterday.

I have written a brief testimonial for you if you'd like to use it on your site:

As someone with limited experience I approached the session with some trepidation.  This was misplaced, as I left confident I had chosen the perfect Mistress. Lady Sara's friendly demeanour coupled with her natural beauty and grace allowed my initial nerves to morph in to excitement. Lady Sara introduced me to some spanking and flogging, skilfully blending pain with an incredibly sensual, soothing touch. I was truly at Lady Sara's mercy during the strap-on play and felt my request to be humiliated was certainly met. Lady Sara exudes dominance, such that my submission to her felt totally natural.  A short testimonial simply cannot do Lady Sara justice and I hope to return soon and push the boundaries further with a Mistress who can turn fantasy in to reality in her own unique and captivating way. 

All the best!

December 2014

Dear Mistress Sara

Well this was another breath taking visit to My wonderful Mistress.

Each session just keeps getting better and better. The wonderful Lady Borgia seems to know exactly how to press my buttons and she never fails!

I will keep returning if she will allow me.  

I look forward to an extended overnight visit in the new year, will send you a separate email to book this asap, this would be a slaves dream come true!

Yours truly and always

slave b.

Dear Lady Borgia,

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial, you see I've been watching from a far, patiently planning my move, when will i get the time to book a session etc etc. A few times I texted you and had to cancel the next day because of work commitments, I always gave you more than 24 hours notice, but it did worry me you would think me a time waster. Luckily the 3rd attempt really did work as the saying goes!

When arriving I was very nervous as you know, very excited as its been 2 years since my last visit to a Mistress. You made me feel at ease although your dominance is very noticeable from the moment I laid eyes on you! You are quietly dominant, you are a beautiful wolf in sheeps clothing, you are exceptionally good looking, with a certain class that a lot of Dommes don't have.

I have to admit I'm an old fashioned gent and I don't like too much obscenity. I'm a sub and inferior to women, but i do have taste! I like classy ladies. I have spent a lot of time researching the perfect Dominatrix and I have to say it certainly paid off this time. I am so happy with our session that I will honestly submit myself to You from now on if you will have me Lady Borgia. You have brought the light into my life!


November 2014

Having recently visited Lady Sara for the second time, I felt I should write a quick review for this simply gorgeous lady.

Lady Sara is the most stunning Mistress I have been fortunate to find and is quite simply breath-taking in looks and personality. She has a very comforting manner about her and puts you at ease very quickly in her company, and understands exactly what you makes you tick.

I can very honestly say that I am totally addicted to her and am after only a week planning my next visit to her.

Lady Sara is 100% the real deal!!

Thank you Lady Sara for another exceptional Session, cant wait to see you again very soon !! xx 

November 2014

From Anonymous

I have been on the "scene" now for quite sometime, and can honestly say that Lady Sara is one of if not the most beautiful Dommes I have had the pleasure to meet, and has the personality to match.  I can become very tongue tied, but lady Sara made me feel very at ease in her company when we had our chat, and understood exactly what kind of session I was into, and boy o boy did she deliver.....

I would most definitely recommend her to anybody who is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet her, you will most definitely be in for the session of your life.

She is exceptionally friendly and engaging, and stunningly gorgeous, I can not wait for our next session.

Thank you Lady Sara for the best session I have ever had.

October 2014

Dear Lady Borgia,

Thank you for such an amazing time.

Lady Sara Borgia gave me everything I needed and more.

I'm a very sensitive sissy, when I'm in session I want to truly become the girl that I am deep inside. I don't session very often, but I need the time out to become who i really am. A lot of Dommes treat me the same as their other part-time sissies and i feel cheated in a way. I'm not a man who likes to dress up just for kicks, I'm a real girl and I like to be treated as such.

Lady Sara gave me a nice space and good direction, she understood me. I've had a lot of bad experiences with Dommes, i feel some of them work from a script, treating us all the same, this is wrong. Lady Sara Borgia really loves what she does and leads you into submission so well its an amazing experience. I feel like a weight has been lifted and I can live a lie more comfortably for now... 

I will definitely be visiting again and again...

Thank goodness for Lady Sara Borgia!

October 2014

Dear Mistress Lady Sara,

This is a testimonial of sorts but also its a letter from me to You that will convey how i feel inside since our first session a few months ago. I am always a little too nervous to tell you how much i admire and appreciate your hold over me. 

How can i explain how much i feel you are a huge cut above the rest? Its unexplainable that you are more intuitive, more beautiful and more intelligent than any other Mistress that i myself have encountered and there have been a few as you know.

Maybe you think i'm just trying to get into your good books, but its true and i hope you believe me when i say that i will never go to another Mistress. i know you laughed when i said that after our last session, but i was being deadly serious and i promise i will always be here if you need me (in between sessions) to do whatever you need.

A testimonial, or a love letter... You will decide! 

your faithful slave 


October 2014

Thank you so much Lady Sara for yesterday's wonderful session. You are forever in my mind and heart and I cannot wait until the next time we meet. Please accept my apologies for chickening out, but you were so skilled and versatile and made the session successful all the same. I know we can get there and I want you to own me.

I have never met such a wonderful mistress and it was such a joy and privilege to worship your lovely legs and feel the touch of your soft skin and warm gentle breath. I want so much to worship you. I look forward to many more sessions with you.

All my love and devotion.


October 2014

Hi Mistress,

Firstly may I say thank you for an OUTSTANDING HOUR. I truly enjoyed every minute of it.

Secondly for your understanding and self control. I would let you do whatever you wanted but you actually made sure I didn't push to far or anything, so again Mistress thank you. Thirdly I wanted to say just how stunning you were in appearance, scent, even your touch stunned me. I would certainly have no problem worshipping you at all.

Sorry for seeming eager to leave, this was partly as I needed to get back but more that I was unsure how to handle the "sub space" then switching back to normal mode. I didn't understand if you expected me to stay kneeling after the session and keep addressing you as mistress until I left the door or what. I stayed kneeling though because I did like the fact you were above me.

I will CERTAINLY be booking further sessions with yourself if this ok and when I finish in the forces I would humbly and honorably request you to hold the keys to my chastity if you would like that.

Thank you again Mistress and I hope to see you again soon

PS I hope you enjoy the deliveries :P

Your Humble Servant, Simon x

October 2014

Dear Lady Borgia,

I was having a nose through your website and pictures as i so often do in between our sessions and i came across the testimonial page and realized that i was in a very good position to write one of these myself.  ive been to see you 5 times in total over the last few months! Indeed i apologise for not thinking of it sooner, i always ramble on before and after our sessions telling you how wonderful your dominance over me is and now i realize its probably much better to write a little piece and hope its good enough to be presented on your wonderful site.

So firstly i want to thank you so much for being such a supreme Mistress and allowing me to come and see you so often. One of my main worries is that you will tire of me so i really hope i can continue to please you by offering my body and soul to You, such a naturally dominant Lady.

I would like to simply say that You certainly have been the light of my life since being allowed to serve you and that your depth of understanding is amazing to say the least.  You always look beautiful, you are a true Lady in every sense of the word in your actions and demeanor yet you can be so cruel when you feel like it!  Quite a scary thing to happen when you seem so regal and elegant to suddenly turn on me and scare the living daylights out of me!  Yet i still come back for more...

thank you

i bow to you

i kiss your beautiful feet.

until the next wonderful time you grace me with your presence.

October 2014

Hello again to the most wonderful Mistress

Please be so kind to submit this testimonial from a humble slave such as i.

I only want to praise where praise is due. I have visited many Mistresses from in and around London. I've always enjoyed my time as a sub with most of the Mistresses I've met,
but nobody absolutely nobody stands up to anywhere near the Lady Sara Borgia. I've been on the scene for 4 years, I am very experienced and thought I'd had the best i could get...

Lady Sara is exceptional, she knows how to push your buttons, she can read into your dark desires and at the same time she seems to keep the pace of the session going like no other. When you have been used by Lady Sara you go home in a dream world that lasts for weeks and makes you count the days until its time for the next session.

Unfortunately I live near London so can't get to Birmingham as much as I desire (which would be every week) so instead I try to visit once a month.  

Lady Sara is a divine lady.  I'm so so happy to have found her and I will continue to see her for as long asi live! A little about the Dungeon - well equipped and very clean. Its a home from home with a very kinky naughty room!

I do hope this is acceptable for the Lady Saras website and I do apologise if It does not succeed in its arrival there.

I will humbly apologise again and in advance.

July 2014

Session Review by Adam

After a fabulous first meeting with Lady Sara Borgia I can confirm that Mistress really does understand the mind of a submissive.

During our initial chat we spoke about my experiences and what I like and don't like to do. Mistress was extremely friendly and enthusiastic but most importantly it was very clear to me that Lady Sara really does know her subject and I could readily put all of my trust in Mistress for the session.

I had asked for a sissification session and Lady Sara had some makeup, a dress and a yellow string tie knicker and bra set ready waiting for me. Lady Sara put me into the clothes and carefully applied my makeup.

There are certain things that a naughty sissy girl is required to do and under Lady Sara's careful guidance and instruction I soon discovered that I was a very naughty sissy indeed. Naughty sissy's also have to be punished and it wasn't long before I found myself strapped down to Lady Sara's Fetters whipping bench to be given a sore bottom in more ways than one.

Lady Sara really did own me during the session. I had the confidence to let myself go and become the little sissy I wanted to be. At times the instructions were almost hypnotic and by the end of an emotionally intense session I was left in a happy exhausted heap on the floor. I really can't wait to do it all again.

May 2014

Dear Lady Borgia,

It was a privilege to have you come to my home town and spend some time with me this weekend. Such an extended visit was a first for me, something I seem to be saying quite a lot since first meeting you a couple of months ago. Two days later, I'm gradually getting over the slight melancholy that arrived when you left and will soon just have the greatest memories of an uplifting and inspiring day.
With quite a gap between agreeing we'd meet again and actually doing so, there was plenty of time to experience the usual roller-coaster of emotions familiar to anyone in my position... nervousness, excitement, and a faint but unambiguous undercurrent of fear. I think I was more worried about doing or saying something wrong or not proving worthy of your time and effort than anything else, but I was soon reassured that as long as I tried my best I wasn't going to go too far wrong. 
While I knew what was likely to happen and my role when we were within the confines of the room, the time spent out and about was an area where I didn't really know what to expect. I loved that we were able to have an intelligent and provocative conversation over dinner and that you were willing to share some of your views on life in general and domination/submission in particular. You have made me challenge some of my preconceived ideas and helped me begin to rationalise a love of independence not necessarily being incompatible with a love of submission.
I'd rather gloss over the more intimate details of the day, other than to say a few important things. The mixture of service, humiliation, worship and domination I underwent in your hands and at your feet was all I could have hoped for. I know I'm still a wuss with CP, so I appreciate how you pushed but also respected my ability in this area. And finally, with regard to my favourite activity - when you mentioned later that you had been caught up in the moment, I hope I was clear enough with my reply. With the benefit of hindsight I should have told you that in the moments afterwards I was a quivering wreck and couldn't have been any happier.
Looking back at the day, I don't think I'm capable of expressing exactly how I feel. And if I can't do it in writing then I certainly wouldn't have done it verbally before you left. I can only apologise for that and hope that you've some sort of sixth sense that told you how much it meant to me.

Testimonial March 2014

Lady Sara is a stunning looking Mistress. Her pictures do not in any way do her justice, she is so, so much more attractive "in the flesh".

Her dress only emphasised her great figure.

I was greeted in a warm and friendly way and taken up to the playroom. We had a short conversation following up on the points that I had emailed and to ensure that she knew my expectations and any possible limits.

I then made use if the en-suite facilities and returned to the playroom where Lady Sara took control.

I had requested a domination session with cbt, anal play and restraint as the main components.

Lady Sara delivered all of this and more in an incredible and intense session.

There was no indication of "clock watching" by Lady Sara and she generously allowed me to serve over the booked hour.

She is a Mistress who takes complete control of her slave with either a soft voice and gentle touch and a harsh command and firm admonishment.

Pleasure and pain were dealt in unequal measure (pain won, as it should!) and with unexpected swings between the two.

Lady Sara's main tools were her skilful and active fingers and hands and she needed little else to keep me on edge.

I sent the session restrained in various ways - chained to the wall or chained to the bed and much of it blindfold - sensory deprivation only added to the incredible swings from pain to pleasure and back to pain again.

Without a doubt the most intense and exhilarating session that I have enjoyed/endured.

All that's left to ask is "how soon before I return?". Always assuming of course that Lady Sara allows me too.

Feb 2014

This was my second visit to Sara so I knew what to expect , its an old cliché, but really her photos do not do her justice, she is a stunning lady with a perfect figure, really couldn't ask for more!! After my first visit, she obviously noted my likes etc regarding dress and was dressed in an outfit that was spot on for my particular kink!

Sara is very approachable with a nice warm personality and is incredibly easy to chat and open up to, Unlike a lot of doms, she really does listen.

During my first visit to sara she somehow managed to pick up on all my likes and dislikes within minutes to deliver what was probably one of the best sessions ever, this time I had a few ideas to change the session slightly, uncannily she had second guessed me and had already the same role play in her own mind. What followed was another mind blowing session, with sara pressing all the right buttons, at no time did the session stop or ease off, she somehow managed to know exactly what I wanted.

Upon arrival, I was offered a shower and a drink, we talked about my last visit and any changes for this session, which Sara, had already second guessed. She is without doubt the best mistress I have ever visited when it comes to role play , she gets into her part straight away and does not deviate through the whole session which really adds to the atmosphere, she is highly skilled in the use of all the instruments etc that she has to her disposal.

As with my first session the time flew by , but she managed to tailor the whole hour so that it didn't feel at all rushed, At the end I was offered a shower and time for a chat afterwards , To sum up , Lady Sara Borgia is without doubt one of the very best around , I have experienced good and bad mistresses in the past ,but see no reason at all now to look any further , she ticks all the boxes and is approachable and friendly. The location and house couldn't be bettered and the whole set up feels safe and secure

Thank you again Sara looking forward to seeing you again very soon

Jan 2014

As there was only a face picture available when I booked I was a little worried, having had past bad experiences, what a fantastic surprise I had when she opened the door, Stunning looking with a model figure, far better looking than even her photo.

I knew straight away that I was in for a good time she has a lovely personality, very approachable and friendly.

We had a brief conversation on the phone beforehand, but she managed to work out more or less exactly my needs from that conversation she was even dressed exactly as I would have hoped.

We sat down and chatted for a while about the type of session that I wanted, and I further explained my likes and dislikes etc, and the sort of role play that I liked.

Somehow within those few minutes she understood exactly what I wanted ,The session was quite brilliant, it couldn't of been better if I had scripted it myself .

I had asked for a certain type of role play, and she understood immediately what it was that I wanted.

During the hours session she managed to press all the right buttons and not once did she slip out of her role play mode. Her premises are fabulous with very nice equipment and a modern and spotless bathroom.

Lady Sara Borgia is without doubt one of the best, actually probably THE best mistress that I have seen. Stunning looking, a great personality, but above all brilliant at what she does, I really cant wait to see her again.

Dec 2013

Mistress is exceptional, answered the door in a very attractive outfit, very teasing and dominant professional approach. Profile pic is her but 100% better in person!

As a newbie, she made me feel relaxed upon arrival, friendly, excellent at what she does and has a passion for punishment! Once you’re in her hands, you’re in her hands and there's no way out!

Although I was a newbie, which makes it difficult to know what you may or may not like, mistress introduced me to a few of her many toys and torture devices mixed into tie and tease. It was a light introduction as far as she was concerned!

She has the secret sense of how to control someone and does what she does exceptionally well. Whether your new or old to this you'll be totally under her control! And take my advice do exactly what she says otherwise you'll be in for some pain. She'll make you open up, enjoys understanding you, then uses this and twists it into her own style.

Shower offered before and after, lovely bathrooms, stunning house, very clean, certainly didn't clock watch...recommended.


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