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Our next Strapon party will be 30th of January all the usual suspects, Myself Miss Kitty Bliss, Ava Von Medicine and the lovely Misstress Courtney.  We will have 2pm party and 7pm party as always both go on for 3 hours, yes you will be shagged out completely! Tribute for 3 hours with all of Us is £150 or attend both parties for £280 bookings taken via My email address.

Our next Strapon party will be the 21st November all the usual suspects, Myself Miss Kitty Bliss, Ava Von Medicine and the lovely Misstress Courtney.  We will have 2pm party and 7pm party as always both go on for 3 hours, yes you will be shagged out completely! Tribute for 3 hours with all of Us is £150 or attend both parties for £280 bookings taken via My email address.

Our next Strapon party will be the 19th September all the usual suspects, Myself Miss Kitty Bliss, Ava Von Medicine and the lovely Misstress Courtney.  We will have 2pm party and 7pm party as always both go on for 3 hours, yes you will be shagged out completely! Tribute for 3 hours with all of Us is £150 or attend both parties for £280 bookings taken via My email address. #sold out

Next WORCESTER STRAPON PARTY 25th July! 2PM OR 7PM Each party is 3 hours long £150 tribute, bookings being taken NOW!  Dommes in attendence – Miss Kitty Bliss, Mistress Courtney, Ava Von Medicine and Me! 2pm #soldout 7pm #3spaces left

Next WORCESTER STRAPON PARTY 24TH OF MAY! 2PM OR 7PM Each party is 3 hours long £150 tribute, bookings being taken NOW!  Dommes in attendence – Miss Kitty Bliss, Mistress Courtney, Ava Von Medicine and Me! #sold out

Next LONDON STRAPON PARTY 5TH OF JUNE! Central london location £200 for 3 hours of pegging fun!  Myself, Ava Von Medicine, Miss Kitty Bliss and Mistress Courtney will be in attendence, limited spaces bookings being taken now.

THE NEXT STRAPON PARTY IN WORCESTER WILL BE 12TH APRIL 2PM AND 7PM Each party is 3 hours long £150 tribute with all the usual suspects to give you the ride of your life Mistress Ava Von Medicine, Miss Kitty Bliss, Mistress Courtney and Me!  Bookings being taken now via #soldout

DOMMES ON TOUR – LONDON DATES!  Yes thats right we have had an influx of enquires from London slaves to anally invade LONDON!  March 26th 7pm party March 27th 1pm and 6pm parties! CENTRAL LONDON LOCATION has been provided for US!  Tribute for these parties £200 = 3 hours of pegging fun! #Soldout

DOMMES ON TOUR – DERBY DATES! Yes we are coming to get you in Derby! April 11th 2pm and 7pm parties both 3 hours long tribute is £160 lots of pegging fun!  Introducing the wonderful Vivienne Lamore to be pegging along with all the usual suspects Myself, Ava Von Medicine, Miss Kitty Bliss and Miss Courtney our hot foursome will be come the Fabulous fivesome for our exciting visit to Derby!

To book send Me an email or click here


From our last party

The strapon party had four wonderful dommes in a nice relaxed and friendly environment.

The ladies had a large variety of toys catering to all levels of experiences. The ladies were more than happy to help you push yourself further or just let you enjoy yourself at your own comfort level.

The venue is clean and very well prepared. There is a choice of a swing, hospital bed or a number of spanking benches to be bummed on.

Any one interested in anal play will find themselves in for a treat whether they are a complete beginner or a veteran.

I had an amazing time being used by these beautiful ladies and would highly recommend it for anyone hoping for a good assgasm.

Thank you


My first strapon party

Ease of organising attendance (answering general inquiries, addressing key things). Very straightforward.

Organisation and set up on the day. Flawless. Great thankyous to the diligence of the two maids who often volunteered assistance.

Great icebreaker to put us all at ease from the start and gauge where we were in experience, but in short everyone just came together to make sure we had between moans.
Surreal situations are often easier to accept with the right motivation. In this case meeting 9 blokes and stripping down within 10 minutes to reveal our perfect bodies was brought about by the soul enriching spectacle of five mistresses, dressed to the nines, complete with heels, attitude and presence. Not three but four graces each sublime in their beauty, each very individual in the styles but each extremely perceptive, knowledgeable and committed to demonstrating it.

During the party everyone received their share, in a very easy going, some might say very English, "I couldnt possible jump your place in the queue" way....except there was no queue and by the end it was mistresses still going strong and blokes....feeling a bit tired now after 3 hours.

There were a couple of things that will live long in the memory, and some things that changed what Id try in a session but one thing that really struck me was how easy each mistress was able to quickly build a rapport with their playpal and how easy each playpal found it to express themselves.

And then like that the curtain closed and reality returned and we wearily said goodbye to each other after being deliciously annhiliated for 3 hours and the mistresses who remained there looking radiant.
Id been apprehensive, excited, enthralled, appeased but mostly just entranced for 3 hours.

I saw on DSO’s twitter feed that she was attending a Strap-On party at the Pain Palace in Worcester. After working out schedules and checking my diary, I booked the time off work, quickly discounted the train down there as being in any way practical, worked out a route and then sent off a polite message to Lady Sara Borgia. I paid for the session via a bank transfer which all went very smoothly and easily, then waited for the day to arrive.

Checking the night before, I noticed that DSO was posting pictures on her twitter feed from her holiday location – so I emailed Lady Sara. She quickly responded, letting me know that DSO had received a last minute free holiday, but not to worry, an alternative mistress would be present to replace her, and the party was on as planned. Reassured that I hadn’t made some terrible mistake with my dates, I prepared for the next day.

I fasted from the night before, and spent the morning in the bathroom giving myself several enemas – it’s one of those things that always worries me - that I won’t be nicely clean to play with. After several gallons of warm soapy water flushed in an out, I felt nice and clean inside and had a shower to get the outside clean too, before hopping in the car to make the 2.5 hour drive down to Worcester.

The journey down was nice and easy, the roads behaved themselves, and the location was very easy to find. Parking up nearby I saw a few people heading the same direction with small discreet bags. The entrance is nicely discreet, and knocking on the door it was swiftly opened by someone standing behind, and out of sight  - all apart from a sliver of PVC maid outfit showing just around the edge… ah! The right place then. I moved in, the door was closed behind me and I moved down the corridor indicated into a waiting room. Inside were a bunch of guys, with a variety of ages, body types and levels of nervousness. We sat and waited for a short while, with a few of us striking up tentative conversations. Some had bought their own dildos or toys, some hadn’t. A number of people had bought their own bottles of aromas. After a couple of minutes Lady Sara appeared (looking more wonderful in the flesh than in her pictures) and told us all to get undressed and ready, as we were starting soon.

Once we were all prepared, we were led through into the main room, where Lady Sara, Misstress Courtney, Miss Ava Von Medisin and DSOs replacement Miss Kitty Bliss were waiting on a sofa, as we trooped in and lined up for “inspection”. Each of us had to introduce ourselves, state our levels of experience and which Mistresses we either sessioned with or belonged to, and cover any medical issues or problems, and last of all cover off where we felt about forced-bi. This was a great ice breaker, and Lady Sara picked someone who had been to a party before to get things rolling, which gave everyone an example to follow.

Once this was done, the Mistresses were introduced, the format for the session was covered, the role of the Maids were made clear (they were there to help the Mistresses, not to take part in the sessions or interact with the slaves) and refreshments and toilets were pointed out, we were all told to stand in an arc and bend over, and “prepare for inspection”. Soon the sounds of gloves being pulled on filled the room, and the line was worked down, with bottoms inspected for cleanliness and preparedness.

At this point I should probably say that hygiene and cleanliness is something that is taken seriously – there was a large table with several boxes of gloves of differing sizes, lots of lubes, a vast array of condoms, absorbent pads, anti-bac spray and wipes, tissues and everything else needed to ensure that all toys, hands and furniture was cleaned between each slave and that everything was being done responsibly.

 Each of the mistresses selected a slave, and then chose a piece of furniture, moving over to have some fun with their chosen victim… I mean willing supplicant. The atmosphere was very different to a traditional session – it was a much more relaxed, social and informal situation, with lots of giggling and laughing from the mistresses, and banter flowing between them. Size of dildo was chosen by the slave, and then worked up from there. The introductory play was gentle and careful, with Mistresses obviously paying attention to how their partners were responding, and evaluating to make sure they were up to the levels of play they said they were.

After 10-15 minutes of play, there was clean up and wipe down, and the next set of 4 mini-sessions began. This followed the established format, and was much the same. I was the “odd one out”, and went last out of the first wave, and was paired up with Lady Sara Borgia, making use of the gynae table (which I felt a lot more secure on, as I’m a pretty chunky guy. Soon my legs were up on stirrups, I’d attached and tightened my nipple clamps to taste and I had my gask mask on and was getting all floaty. Lady Sara then lubed me up, and gave me a nice gentle fucking with a medium sized dildo, getting me all squirmy and making me leak a little. Again, at the end of the play time, the Maids carefully cleaned down the equipment, making sure it was all hygienic and ready to use again.

People “moved around a place”, and the Mistresses each chose a new person to play with for round two. The play intensified a little, with larger toys being chosen and more vigorous use. We also discovered that one of the slaves had left – having orgasamed hard during the first part of the session!

My second session was with Miss Kitty, and this time I was bent over a wooden horse, bottom nicely displayed in the air for her. She used a larger dildo and then ended up slipping in a fist towards the end, giving me a good seeing to and again making me squirt a little.

There was a little pause after this whilst people caught their breath, and Mistress VonMedisin came to examine my nipple clamps, taking them off in disgust and proceeding to give me some delicious nipple torture with her incredible strong hands (thankyou!) before getting me on all fours to suck her cock for her, pushing down on my head until I was gagging. She then moved me over to the gynae bench, and we began round 3, where she gave me another good fucking and left me wobbling and even further drained.

By now people were pretty comfortable with each other, none of the slaves had any residual shyness about being naked in front of other people and the session was in full swing. We swapped around, and then swapped again, with the Mistresses experimenting with slaves and getting “stuck in” with wild abandon.

My fourth session was with Mistress Courtney, and again I found myself over a large wooden horse. Breathing through my gas mask until I was nice and relaxed, I soon found myself with Mistress Courtney giving me a very thorough and vigorous bottom fondling, and series of shuddering orgasms.

We’d gone through three hours of play time now, and the session was winding down. I found myself at Miss Kitty Bliss’ feet, giving her a foot rub, whilst another slave tended to Lady Sara. Eventually everyone was done with their play time, and we headed out to get cleaned up and ready to leave. The changing room was pretty quiet on the way out – I think a lot of us were running low on energy.

I stopped for Lucozade and chocolate on the way back to the motorway to recharge a little, and pootled home all relaxed and in the normal post-session state of relaxed bliss. A few days later an email appeared from Lady Sara informing me of the next session – which I’ve booked without delay. I’d thoroughly recommend these parties – they’re a great place to meet some fabulous people in a less format setting than normal.

All four of the Mistresses present were fantastic – and I’m not just talking about their physical appearance (though they were all very yummy!) – but  they were all obviously enjoying themselves, were very good at what they did, were social and engaging, and ensured that everyone had a good time.

I’m counting down the days to the next session, and rest assured that next time they ask for a volunteer for “round 1”, my hand will be going straight up… someone else can wait to be the last man!

Slave Cuirboilli


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