I get so many emails weekly on this subject, subs wanting to be owned and asking Me if I would consider them. They go on to list all the different types of torture they can endure from Me, how they hope this makes Me happy and if I would collar and own them as they find Me the most beautiful Mistress... on and on it goes.

I reply with My usual explanation of wanting subs that want to ‘really’ serve (that are in it for Me and not for themselves) and of course to pay tribute to Me, as after all didn’t they just write and give Me the big speech on how amazing I am? If I am so amazing, wouldn't you want to support your Mistress?

So I feel compelled to write My first blog on this matter, as echoes of the above haunt Me on a daily basis.

Let us say for now that you are an accountant by trade, that you absolutely love being an accountant. Every day arriving in the office is a wonderful dream come true and the mere opening of the office door has you excited for the day of work ahead. Even the smell of your office and the furniture lay out is so exhilarating to you.

Let us also imagine that you are extremely good at being an accountant, that indeed you truly excel and enjoy every moment and every aspect of your job. Now, let us say that someone comes into your office and compliments you on how clever you are, the way you work, everything about you, and tells you that they have chosen you to do their accounts for them.

They ask ‘would it be possible for you to do my accounts for free?” To your surprise they continue with “I promise that I will come around and clean your office for you and tell you how amazing you are! Also I can bring you a list of all the accounts I need you to settle for me... After all you do love your job and enjoy it so! If you enjoy yourself so much surely its ok right?”

So what would you do? If you did their accounts for free surely you wouldn’t be able to pay the bills or the rent. Would you be able to buy that expensive suit that they complimented you on wearing so well?  In any case you would never encounter such an offer in the first place because you are a professional accountant and it is not something that people would ask you to do!

So let me finish with this - I chose to become a Pro-Domme which means I do not have 9-5 job with a monthly wage like the rest of you. If I was doing an every day job I would not have the time or the energy to be a Domme as well.

In a perfect world I would be lounging around all day and evening with a sub at My feet, a sub cooking My dinner and a sub locked in the cage, and they wouldn’t have to pay for the privilege. Unfortunately this is the REAL world and all the Pro-Dommes out there expect something in return for their time and attention, their energy and doing the dishes or sweeping the floor just doesn't cut it!  Neither does it pay the rent!

So unless you are planning on serving Me not just with your body, but with your wallet too there is no need for you to contact Me listing all the information about ‘you’ and what ‘you’ like etc etc. This is the kind of sub that wants what ‘he” wants and has not even considered offering anything back in the way I believe he should. 

A true sub will think of ways to please his Mistress that are not about him receiving, but of giving away that which he works so hard to keep. That is true submission.