So here i am, i’ve finally got to the place i have strived for so long to reach... to be a collared slave.

i had previously served two other Mistresses, both very different but they taught me so much. My first Mistress gently taught me about service and serving, but more importantly i started to learn more about myself. i served my first Mistress for several years and was very happy, but somehow i felt i wanted to deepen my experience of submission. What is so wonderful about my first Mistress is that she understood this and graciously agreed to let me go, She was there for me with advice and and guidance. A wonderful woman.

i entered service with my second Mistress several months later, this was a completely different experience. She was high on slave protocol and commitment to detail although i was her slave we did have our moments and sometimes our relationship could be described as volatile! (a Domme once described our relationship as like a couple squabbling schoolgirls) unfortunately our D/s relationship came to an abrupt and difficult end, but i cannot thank Her enough for what she taught me, i am pleased to say we are now good friends.

Having served two amazing Women, i thought maybe i would never be able to find a Mistress that i truly felt was the one. i then spent a good 12 months looking at profiles of Mistresses who were seeking slaves, but made no applications. i don't think i was being picky, but i knew that for me to submit to a level of servitude i was seeking, it made no sense to send applications to random Mistresses. At this time i was still very much connected to the scene with friends with Dommes and subs alike.

Then one night i decided to visit Toppers (a great BDSM club) and was introduced to Lady Sara Borgia, the moment we met i thought to myself "if only She would accept me" this was the person i wanted to submit my life to. i was immediately taken by not only Her outstanding beauty but Her incredible personality. i left the club later thinking i would never have the chance to serve Her, but after a few weeks i decided to message Her, asking if She would consider me as Her sissy maid. What impressed me is that she asked me some serious searching questions…

She took some time to make Her decision, which made me more impressed (knowing she takes the subject very seriously!) unlike some Dommes she strives for quality not quantity...  After what seemed like eternity she replied and my wishes came true! She took me on!

That was a year ago, i think our D/s relationship has blossomed but have to admit sometimes its been very hard. Submission to some is just a fantasy, the reality is something different. Even when You're serving the most incredible Mistress it can be really hard and sometimes heartbreaking to submit to something You feel uncomfortable with. Mistress will be the first to acknowledge that She has had to deal with Her fair share of sissy strops from me, but somehow She guides me to a better place, gently wiping my tears away and reassuring me.

Don't think from the above statement that my Mistress is soft, for every strop and mistake i make there is a consequence, which usually results in red marks on my bottom. This is definitely not play, Her cane hurts, but once She has administered my punishment She is swift to forgive and move on.

i can honestly say that over the past 12 months my Mistress has taken me to a much deeper place of submission but i know there is still more i need to learn. As for my Mistress i have seen Her change as well, not just with me but as a Domme, She has honed Her Craft to perfection (don't take my word for it, check the testimonials on Her website)

So here i am on the eve of being collared, am i dreaming? no i am the most lucky sissy maid in the whole universe!

Being collared is not just a milestone for me. its the total reassurance that i belong to the most wonderful Mistress you can imagine. i know that i am biased, but not so long ago a respected personality on the scene said, "every sub/slave must be so jealous of you."

Thanks to my Mistress Lady Sara Borgia for coming into my life and changing it for ever