Lady Borgia's Bitch Boy

Story by johnny


What a loaded word, but johnny entered Lady Sara’s office as bidden to do. Lady Sara was seated behind Her desk looking, as ever, breath-taking and somewhat daunting. Her thick, blonde hair waved slightly almost covering one eye a la Veronica Lake. The expression in Her green eyes was hidden by the reflection of light on Her spectacles. She was wearing a white blouse that was tailored perfectly to emphasise the thrillingly feminine sweep from Her breasts down to the narrowing of Her waist.

‘So, Johnny Poo,’ Lady Sara had called him that since the day he had started with Her and it had stuck. Johnny noticed that Her colleagues, Maya and Evilyne also called him that now. ‘So, Johnny Poo; so far; so good. I am reasonably content with your work for Me thus far.’ The Lady’s tone was measured and neutral. Johnny, standing nervously in Her presence was though feeling a little awkward. A sensation he always had in front of Her, but which he could never quite pin down.

‘Now though, today is the assessment day all my boys need to go through.’
‘Would you like to remain here?’

‘Oh, yes Lady Sara, I’d do anything to stay working under You.’ The second part slipped out, almost it seemed to Johnny, from nowhere.

‘Anything.’ Lady Sara smiled, ‘Well, we shall see shan’t we. OK, togs off.’


‘Togs off. Kit off. Deshabiller. Clothes. Off. Now. You can keep your pants on though.’ Lady Sara’s tone was playful but certain.

‘Erm, but Lad…’

‘Anything, Johnny? Naughty Johnny Poo lying to Lady Sara?’

‘No, of course not, Lady Sara.’ And with that Johnny stripped. Lady Sara leaned back in Her chair and her obvious appraising of him made Johnny’s heart pump and his fingers seemed to swell, making his movements horribly uncoordinated. Removing his trousers he almost toppled over provoking Lady Sara to laugh pleasantly. Soon he was in his pants standing in front of Lady Sara and feeling extremely vulnerable.

Lady Sara however seemed eminently relaxed. Johnny could see that wonderful, mischievous edge to Her smile and could now see a look in Her green eyes that was positively lupine. Johnny definitely felt unsettled.

‘Wonderful, I loved the comedy with the trousers too, Johnny Poo. You do like to make me happy. Now, come round here, stand in front of Lady Sara. There, that will do’

‘Now Johnny Poo, I have two types of men. Yes I know it’s very un-PC, but then what are you going to do, go to HR?’ Lady Sara laughed gently, ‘No, I have two types of men, but in the spirit of ecumenism I have uses for both. I have My bulls and My bitches. Let’s see which you might be.’
Johnny was standing a couple of feet away from Lady Sara; Ridiculously he didn’t know what to do with his hands and had put them over his groin.
Lady Sara chuckled, ‘Oh, how coy you are my little Johnny Poo. No, I think we shall have hands behind the back please.’ Johnny did as he was told.

‘Ooh, Johnny, Johnny Poo Poo.’ Lady Sara said in mock shock. ‘Is that a walnut whip in your pants or are you just pleased to see me? Oh and it seems to be leaking a bit.’ Lady Sara laughed. ‘What a good job I have my specs on.’

‘Erm, ah, eh.’ Johnny was rendered almost mute, stupefied with embarrassment, both at his exposed situation and the obvious excitement it had generated.

‘Erm, ah, eh? Johnny, what were you going to say? That it’s winter and a bit cold. Oh, I know, it’s a grower not a shower isn’t it. Well come closer and let’s see.’

Johnny moved closer. Lady Sara leaned forward and gently ran Her finger nails up Johnny’s body, round his hips, She even entered him by pushing an index finger into his belly button and wiggling it. 

And then She hooked Her thumbs into the waistband of his pants.
‘No, please.’ The words were in the negative but Johnny’s tone was more of plaintive yearning than denial.

Lady Sara pulled down his pants. ‘Oh, and out pops a veeeery little willy,’ she looked into his eyes, you don’t need a very big bushel to hide this little light behind do you Johnny Poo.’

‘No, Lady Sara. I’m er sorry.’

‘Oh don’t be sorry my little petling.’ Lady Sara took hold of Johnny’s now semi-erect penis, holding it in the palm of Her right hand and stroking it with Her left index finger. ‘As I said, both types of men have their uses. Unless we see a real growth here you Johnny,’ Lady Sara adopted a mock sad tone, ‘are not going to be a bull. You see My standards are very high. Here, let Me show you.’

Lady Sara took a ruler from Her desk and held it up in front of Johnny. 

‘Now, I am a real woman and, when I desire to be pleasured I need a real man so,’ Lady Sara ran Her finger up the edge of the rule starting with one inch, ‘we go up and up and up. I will only consider anything from here upwards. Lady Sara’s finger was at the eight inch mark.

‘But let’s give little, oh sorry Johnny, was that cruel of me? What a bad bitch I am. Let’s give little Johnny a chance.’

Lady Sara stood up and walked behind johnny and playfully slapped his bottom. She reached Her arms around him and twisted his nipples, gently at first and then with greater force till Johnny whimpered. ‘Oh, Johnny Poo, what a little squeal you make, almost girly.’ She rested her chin on his shoulder and whispered in his ear and then gently stroked his nipples.

Lady Sara came round and stood very close facing johnny. She reached into the desk and pulled out nipple clamps on a chain. She attached them to Johnny’s nipples and then gently tugged the chain. Johnny whimpered again. 

‘Well johnny poo, you are whimpering and moaning but your little dickie seems to be getting ever so excited. Now, is he fully hard?’

‘Yes, Lady Sara.’

‘Well we know you are going to be one of my bitch boys, but let’s see where you stack up in the league table.’ Taking a ruler from her desk, Lady Sara placed it alongside johnny’s hard penis. 

‘Johnny Poo, nearly four inches!’ Lady Sara exclaimed, Her face had a mocking smile. Oooh, Lady Sara IS impressed.

Lady Sara took Johnny’s penis in Her right hand and gently and slowly started masturbating him. At the same time she pulled and relaxed the chain hanging from his nipples. Johnny’s head arched back, the mixture of pleasure and pain was overwhelming. 

‘Mmmm, I can see that I am getting my little bitch boy veeeery wet.’ Lady Sara cupped Johnny’s dick in Her hand. 

‘Well, I have just the thing for wet little bitch boys. On your knees.’
Johnny immediately dropped to his knees. His legs were shaky and his brain was a mess. Pleasure/pain chemicals were coursing through his body. Hard and aroused as he was he was also strangely passive now. 

Then he looked at Lady Sara’s pencil skirt, now at head height for him. He noticed an outline running down Her left leg. 

‘Oh, yes, do I have something for you.’ Lady Sara read his mind. 

She unzipped Her pencil skirt and slipped it to the floor, down over Her stockings and over her knee-high boots. Johnny however was focussed on the strapon She was wearing. It was big, about eight inches and thick. 

Lady Sara started stroking it. ‘Oh yes, does Johnny want Lady Sara’s cock?’ Johnny transfixed, realised he was nodding as Lady Sara slowly stroked Her cock, inches from his face. 

‘Tongue out, Johnny Poo.’ Johnny did as he was told and Lady Sara started slapping the cock on his tongue. 

‘Now, Johnny Poo, lick the tip. Oh yes, that’s it. Now put the tip in your mouth. Oh, don’t suck yet!! My, my are you greedy for my cock! What a slutty little bitch boy you are. I’m going to enjoy this.’

Lady Sara used her left hand to grip the base of her cock and put her right hand on the back of Johnny’s head. ‘Now, my greedy little bitch, you can suck.’ 

Johnny was now sucking Lady Sara’s cock. She held his head tight in her hand and slowly started thrusting her hips forward. ‘Mmm, a bit of gentle face-fucking. Good girl, you enjoy that. Tell me, are you enjoying my dick as I fuck your slutty little face, bitch.’ Sara hadn’t raised her voice but her tone was now totally dominant. 

Sara reached down and pulled the nipple chain. She then withdrew from his mouth and led him over to her chair. She sat down and reclined in the chair and slowly waved her cock in front of Johnny.


‘Please Lady Sara, can I suck your dick again.’


‘Because it’s amazing.’


‘I’m a slutty little bitch.’


‘I’m YOUR slutty little bitch.’

‘Good girl, now because you’ve been a good girl you can chow down on my cock some more. That’s it, a bit of moaning please. I want to hear you enjoying it.’

Johnny sucked Lady Sara’s dick some more. Then she stood up and led him to the desk. 

‘Assume the position.’ Johnny knew what she meant immediately and bent over the desk. He then, despite himself, pulled apart his arse cheeks.

‘Ooh, greedy, greedy little Johnny Poo.’ Said Lady Sara as she lubed up her dick next to his face. 

‘Tell Lady Sara, what you want.’

‘Please Lady Sara, fuck me up the arse.’

‘Mm, I don’t think you meant that.’

‘Oh please Lady Sara, fuck me, fuck me hard.’

‘Good girl. Now, ah, a little further. Oh, someone is puckering. What a greedy little whorebag is my Johnny Poo.’

Lady Sara had fully inserted herself into Johnny and now started slowly pushing in and out. She had one hand on his back and the other gripping his hips as she increased the rhythm, alternating with slow, long strokes. 

Johnny was quickly moaning. ‘That’s it, Johnny Poo, tell Lady Sara how good this feels.’

‘Oh please, pleeeeease, Lady Sara, don’t stop fucking me.’

‘Good girl’ then Lady Sara withdrew herself. ‘Turn over, on your back, on the desk. I want to fuck you like a cheerleader.’ 

Johnny moved himself and turned over. 

‘That’s better, now we can have some eye contact. Oh and I can pull here and here.’ Said Lady Sara as she tugged gently on the nipple chain. She stuck her dick back inside Johnny and started fucking him again. Johnny was really moaning now and Lady Sara was encouraging him, ‘Come on Johnny, respond to my dick, that’s it, I love to hear you.’

Johnny barely heard the door open. In walked Lady Evilyne. ‘Hey Sara, what’s this?’

‘Hi, Evie, breaking in another bitch. Cock didn’t come up to spec so he gets to take it.’

Evilyne walked over and peered at Johnny’s groin. ‘Indeed not, what’s that, 3.5 inches?’ 

‘Nearly four,’ replied Lady Sara.

‘Oooh, impressed!’ said Evilyne in a similar mocking tone. She stood and watched for a few moments before leaving. 

‘Now then, johnny,’ said Lady Sara, ‘you’ve taken my cock like a good bitch. Shagged by Sara, Banged by Borgia,’ Lady Sara laughed at Her little joke. ‘I think you deserve a little pressie.’ Sara got out Her Venus 2000 and slowly teased Johnny’s balls and cock with it. She removed the nipple clamps but then alternately pinched and stroked Johnny's nipples. Johnny was in rhapsodies of pleasure now and then Lady Sara started whispering in his ear. ‘I want to hear you moan again. Moan like the little cock-taking, sissy bitch you are and beg me to make you cum.’

Johnny moaned, he whimpered, and then he felt a powerful orgasm pulse through his cock.

‘Mmm, not bad, now clean yourself up.’ Johnny did as instructed and then reached for his clothes.

‘Oh no, Johnny poo, leave the office, naked as intended, Evie and Mya will both want a laugh and now you’re broken in, as Borgias Bitch you don’t get to wear clothes around here. It’s not like there’s much to hide.’


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