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As i sat on the edge of the bed last night, i felt the soreness on the back of my legs from the marks that my Mistress had administered earlier in the evening with Her cane. I smiled to myself and reflected what a privilege it is to wear them. These were not marks made in anger from my Mistress but a sign of ownership which i wear with pride. That’s not to say they don't hurt when Mistress gives them to me, but the pain and discomfort is worth it. In a funny sort of way this is something we do together, as Mistress and slave - somehow defining our relationship,

My Mistress and i have been together now for a few years and i was collared in November 2014. It has not always been plane sailing we have had our ups and downs, but that's human nature, we are not living in some sort of fantasy, although we don't live in the same place this is real life 24/7.

As Her owned sissymaid i feel very privileged to be in this most converted position, but i am not just Her sissy maid, i am Her property and slave. i don't spend all my time in my sissy uniform when serving Her. I am Her driver, DIY person, IT techy and whatever else She requires.

I am first to admit that total submission is not easy and it is a continuing journey, however in my experience, which may seem a little strange, it empowers me and has provided me with a freedom and happiness. i think that the reason we have built a strong D/s bond is because my Mistress has gone out of Her way to try and understand my sometimes very confused and complicated head, but while doing this She has given me an element of peace which i have yearned for most of my life, for which i am forever in Her debt.

People sometimes assume that a 24/7 D/s relationship is full on all the time yes my Mistress is always in charge, but sometimes we just talk, advise each other, have days out etc. which is all part of my life as Her owned slave.

Not withstanding the above, my Mistress demands total obedience and will not tolerate things i sometimes do wrong. whether it be, not curtsying properly, not cleaning well enough or just having sissy strop. Punishment is swift and painful and is something i try to avoid but see it as necessary in my development.

One thing i do know, my Mistress cares about Her property and sometimes blows my mind with some of the things She has done for me.

i am not sure what the future holds, but i look forward to a future serving my Mistress, i can honestly say that the most important thing to me is to see a smile on my Mistress's  face and Her saying "good girl"

As for my legs, my Mistress marks are only supposed to be a temporary measure until i receive a permanent mark with a branding iron - think that might be a little painful too - !

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Posted on 5th September 2016

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