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Ever dreamed about accompanying two exquisite Dommes to a prestigious London fetish event? Well now there is a chance to serve and accompany Myself and the esteemed Domina Ava Von Medicin.

We will be staying at a Hotel in London Bridge where we will receive slaves for Double Domme sessions.  

Imagine approaching our hotel room door with excitement and trepidation... upon entering our
domain you will kneel before us, gazing to the floor, do you dare to look up into our eyes?
The exhilaration of serving two Dommes in a session would be the most wondrous feeling.

A very special occasion in your life, but it doesn't end there…after the session you may then accompany us to one of the most popular fetish events London has to offer, Club Pedestal.  

While in our presence you will be at our beck and call, our slave, perhaps public play
if you have the balls for it. Otherwise just to be around us during the evening will make you
weak at the knees and eager to oblige us.  

There is a chance to stay with us at our hotel should you session with us for a reasonable price.

If you would like to submit yourself for this amazing opportunity apply via email. Click Here

The date for this event is 27th of November 2014

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Posted on 5th September 2016

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