Story by Chris

I arrived at Mistresses house just before 3pm. I had locked my cock in my chastity cage that morning because, as Lady Sara had explained at our previous meeting, this was to be necessary whenever I was granted permission to visit her, not only to enhance my feeling of servitude in her presence, but to suppress any unpermitted excitement. Of course I was more than happy to comply, confident that the spare key I had left at home would release me from any prolonged restriction my Mistress might sentence me to. I couldnt help smiling at my secret getout plan as I waited at the front door. A moment later I was let in, and as soon as Lady Sara closed the door behind me, she held out her hand. "Is your cock locked up?" it wasnt really a question, so I didnt try to answer. "Keys?" I rummaged in my pocket and produced the key ring with the single key, trying to suppress the smile of excitement I felt inside. She looked sideways at me but said nothing. Maybe I had got away with it.
"Upstairs, get undressed. I want to see the lock for myself". Her attitude was brisk, almost businesslike, but I was confident I would enjoy a cocktail of pleasure and pain over the next 24 hours, then be free to reward take my pleasure however I wished.
I knew where to go, and hurried upstairs, to the ensuite bathroom at the back of the dungeon room. As I removed my clothes and checked everything was in order, I could hear her enter the dungeon. I opened the door and stood in front of her, eager that she would see that I was properly locked up. Lady Sara was dressed in a clingy dress which hugged her figure in all the right places. Below the dress I could just make out the tops of her stockings and the faint shadow of a thong. I knew I would be taking a risk by staring at her, but in short, she was dressed to kill and I was happy to be her intended victim. My cock swelled involountarily against its prison. Sensing my eagerness, She reached forward and squeezed my balls, checking that they were trapped between the rings of the chastity cage. "Good, no escape I think. You'll be doing exactly what I want soon, won't you?" She smiled, and I noticed she wore the key around her neck. "You know I won't even unlock you tomorrow, if I'm not totally happy with your servitude, don't you?." Again, I didn't feel a need to answer her, so I said nothing.
"Kneel". It was a softly spoken command, and I did as she had commanded. She held the key between her fingers, making sure I knew she was in control. A slight pause, then a simple question. "Just one key, is there?" I didn't answer, frightened that telling the truth might spoil the game I was playing. Instead, I just laughed quietly and looked away. Lady Sara paused for a moment, then slowly reached down, gripped my chin to raise my face, and fixed me with a steely stare. "I hope you're not taking me for a fool, slave". I cast my eyes to the floor, wondering if she had found me out.
The silence was overbearing, and I tried a nervous laugh to break it. Her stare cut staight through me. I didn't dare move. With every second , without even having to speak a word, Lady Sara was stripping me of any control that remained. Finally, when she sensed I was ready to comply, she spoke. "You haven't commented on my outfit, slave. Do you like what I'm wearing?" I took that as permission to raise my eyes, hoping to catch another look at the vision of beauty who had taken me over. As I did so her hand flashed through the air and I felt the pain of her palm across my cheek. "Oh, you really don't know what trouble you're in, do you slave? I didn't give you permission to stare, especially from your kneeling position where I know you were staring at my legs."
I whispered my apology, but instinctively I knew I was in trouble. "Stay exactly where you are, boy, I can see I'm going to need to teach you a lesson". With that, she turned on her heels and left the room. The door clicked shut. I was alone, kneeling naked in the middle of the dungeon, not sure what would happen next, not daring to move, too excited to turn and run. After a minute or two my knees started to ache. I reached down to check my cock cage, straining now against my growing arousal. Within just a short time she had seen through my game, got me under her spell, and she knew that every waiting minute would be torture for me.
After what seemed an age, I heard the click of Mistress's heels at the door. Moving my hands to my side, I bowed my head, not daring to confront my tormentor as the door opened. Without hesitating, she walked around behind me, and I could tell from the paces tapped out by her stilettos that the lesson she had promised was about to start.
"Stand. Hands behind your back." I complied without hesitation. In an instant I felt the cuff around my right wrist, then without pausing the second cuff was around my left. Not soft leather, as I had expected, but cold hard, unforgiving metal, clicking shut in an instant. She sensed my fear, and brought her face closer to emphasise her words. "Oh, yes, slave, they're meant to be uncomfortable. These aren't suitable for long term use, slave, but they're perfect for what I have in mind for you". I glanced down and noticed that the cuffs were attached to a short chain with a clip at its end. Lady Sara moved around to face me, and I felt her passing the chain between my legs. As she held my gaze, I felt her hand grip the cock cage. I felt a sharp downward pressure on my cock followed by a sharp click as she clipped the end of the chain to the ring of the cage. Lady Sara took a step backward, and took a moment to admire her handiwork. The pressure on my cock and balls was giving way to a numb pain as the chain tugged them backwards between my legs towards my tightly secured hands. Its short length prevented me from leaning forward, and my discomfort was growing by the second even as I stood upright. As if to demonstrate how little movement I could make, she pinched my nipples hard, forcing me to strain towards her until the pain in my balls became intense. I begged her to stop, and when my nipples had turned a bright shade of red, mercifully she did.
I thanked her for her kindness, but Mistress still looked cross. "You know, boy, you haven't fooled me for a minute. If I really wanted to, I could go and get the leg cuffs, bind you painfully, kneeling, unable to move, for the next two hours, until the aching in your limbs becomes unbearable, then cane your nipples and balls raw until you cried for forgiveness." Lady Sara paused, fixing me with her gaze, letting her words sink in, then suddenly gripping my chin with her upturned hand to make sure I wouldn't be able to avert my eyes. "So perhaps now would be a good time for you to tell me the truth about the second key, wouldn't it?" 
My mind went into meltdown. How stupid could I have been? Did I really think she wouldn't know that I had kept a safety key at home, protection in the event that she wouldn't release me. I had nothing to say, I couldn't even look away as she continued to grip my chin. In desperation, I closed my eyes and resigned myself to my fate. Lady Sara started to laugh. "You sad, pathetic fool. Thinking I wouldn't know what you were planning? Trying to give the impression that you were serving me in chastity, whilst secretly knowing you could release yourself whenever you wanted? Is that the action of a loyal slave?"
I was starting to sob silently now, but she continued, her words hitting home with quiet determination. "You know, if you were a proper slave, you would take that beating without tears. But you're not even ready to do that for Mistress, are you? I should send you straight home. Dismiss you without a second thought, shouldn't I?" Again, a long pause to make sure her words hit home.
"But that would be too easy on you, wouldn't it? Because you have promised to serve Me properly for 24 hours. And now that I've uncovered your little secret, that's exactly what you're going to do. Serve me, pamper me, honour me, worship me. For the rest of your time here. And PROPERLY". I winced as she spoke, acutely aware that her face was just inches from mine. I felt her breath as she mouthed these last words, not shouting them, but making sure I felt the impact of every syllable through my clenched-shut eyes. "I hope you're grateful, slave?" I nodded gently, mouthing the word Sorry.
"Open your eyes slave. I want to see your subservience right through your body. This is your last chance. Do you understand?" I opened my eyes a fraction, and again, I mouthed a silent response. 
Without warning she brought me to the floor with a single knee to my groin. I writhed in pain, desperate to curl up in a ball but unable to protect myself as the chain around my wrists pulled against the clip around my balls. The sting of a flogger shot through my body as she took her pleasure at my expense until she sensed I was broken. finally, as if to claim her toal ownership, Lady Sara ground her heels into my torso, scratching marks into my chest and down my back. As she left the room, I thanked her for every mark I received.
Later, towards evening, still numb from my punishment and humiliation, Lady Sara removed the cuffs and chain, and I crawled behind her downstairs. It must have been much later, but My next conscious feeling was to find myself kneeling at Lady Sara's feet, worshipping her shoes with my lips and tongue as if my life depended on it. I didnt dare look up, but I knew she was smiling to herself as she gazed down at me, revelling in her dominance, and in my subservience and devotion. She had placed a leather collar around my neck, and was gently controlling the position of my tongue by flicking the lead to which it was attached. Again, I had lost all sense of time, as if in a trance induced by my Mistress's dominance. Had I been worshipping her for minutes, or hours? It was dark outside, so I guessed it must have been longer that a few minutes, but I had no way of knowing for sure, and no desire for it to stop. My hands had been tied together by another set of cuffs, not as harsh as the metal ones she had used to break me with earlier, but sufficient for me to know I was hers to do with as she wanted. "You see, slave, Mistress can be merciful as well as strict. You will learn your place is beneath me, won't you?"
My mind was returning to normal now. The trance induced by my humiliating and beating was lifting, and I began to become fully aware of my surroundings. She had left the cock cage in place. The key she had taken from me was still on the chain around her neck, and I knew that soon the second key would be hers too. I felt only comfort to be at the feet of my Mistress.


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