Story by Chris

A flick of the chain eventually indicated that I may change position to worship her legs. "Massage them properly slave, I need to be pampered before I go to bed". I complied without hesitation, grateful that I could finally please her in the way I had longed to do, and for the next hour she instructed me to massage every inch of her long limbs. When she had tired of me she rose from her seat and instructed me to crawl after her. As we climbed the stairs she pulled impatiently on the lead. "Keep up, slave. Mistress needs you to run her bath". She pushed me ahead of her into the bathroom, and indicated that I should get on with her request, before leaving me alone for a moment. I ran the bath and checked the temperature carefully, making sure everything was as she had requested, then knelt at the foot of the bath and awaited her return. A few minutes later, I heard the door open, and Mistress stood before me in a bathrobe. My feeble mind imagined that underneath she was completely naked, and I struggled not to make an inappropriate comment. As if sensing my embarrassment, Mistress spoke. "You've learned your lesson today, slave. Do you think I should reward you and let you bathe me and dry me off?" I pinched myself. Surely I was dreaming? I looked up at her, searching for confirmation.

Mistress fixed me with her eyes. "Hahahaha. No slave, you haven't earned THAT reward tonight. I've left the door of the dungeon cage open. You may crawl inside and close the door behind you. It locks automatically so be sure you make yourself comfortable first."

I was sore and tired, and Mistress had exerted her complete control over me, so I was grateful for the solace of the cage; A blanket and a small pillow were my only comfort. I pulled the door closed and heard the dull click as the lock fell into place. As I began to fall asleep, I could hear Mistress rise from the bath and a moment later, she stood at the doorway to the dungeon. I opened my eyes. Illuminated in silhouette by the light outside, her beauty was all too clear. My cock strained involountarily against its cage. "Goodnight, slave. Sweet dreams, but only of me", she laughed and turned away.

I don't know how long I slept, but I was awoken by the sound the door opening. A shaft of sunlight illuminated the doorway, to reveal the beauty of my Mistress, Lady Sara. She allowed me a few moments to wake properly, before speaking. "Your instructions are in the kitchen, you have ten minutes. Do not disappoint me today, slave". With that, she turned and left. As she did so she pressed a button on the wall and the cage door swung open.

Downstairs, I set to work on Lady Sara's breakfast. Coffee, fresh fruit (melon and orange) and champagne. For myself, she had left instructions that I may eat only dry toast and water; I was grateful for her kindness, quickly downing my dry rations so as not to be late for my Mistress's breakfast. I loaded her breakfast on a tray and returned upstairs to the dungeon. Lady Sara indicated I should kneel and say nothing whilst she ate. When she was finished, she beckoned me to crawl over to her. When I was close enough, she reached forward and held out the peel from a slice of her orange. "Eat it, slave. And when you are finished, you may thank me". It was a bitter taste, but I chewed and swallowed without hesitation, not wanting to displease her. Before I could thank her, she dropped another piece on the floor and crushed it beneath her heel. "No hands, just your mouth. on the floor, and Eat it, all of it". I obeyed, and thanked My Mistress for her generosity as she crushed the final two quarters of peel beneath hel heel.

I was allowed a short period of freedom that morning, but instructed to remain naked at all times, wearing nothing but Mistress's collar and cuffs, and the locked chastity cage around my increasingly desperate cock. Although I had free run of the house, the morning contained yet more humiliation as Mistress delighted in showing me off to her housemates and a string of visitors. I longed for privacy, but instead found myself being taunted mercilessly for the next few hours. Whenever a bird appeared in the garden, Mistress forced me out against my will to chase it away. Whenever the doorbell rang, Mistress made me answer it. At first I resisted and protested, but Mistress would not take no for an answer, cracking her cane against my thighs as if breaking in a new pony until by late morning, I had learned to comply without hesitation. She had turned me from a cocky free man to an obedient, compliant and chaste slave.

Later that day, Lady Sara again summoned me to the dungeon. This time she was dressed conservatively, with heels and nylons setting off a plain dress and a white blouse. "This will be the last time we play for a while, slave, so I want to be sure you are punished properly for your misdemeanours, but also rewarded for your devotion. Is that fair?" By now I had learned not to speak, so I simply nodded my head.

"Firstly, let me point out your misdemeanours. Oh, yes, slave, I notice everything you do, be assured of that. I saw you looking at me yesterday, and time and again today. Is that correct behaviour for a devoted slave? And when you hesitate before obeying me, is that true respect? No, it isn't, is it?" Again, I hung my head and said nothing.

"Face the wall, up against the cross." It was a matter of moments for Mistress to secure my wrists to the arms of the cross, and just a few more seconds for her to blindfold me. I heard her stepping across the room to select her chosen tool, then four slow, deliberate steps as she returned. Then the beating started. Five paddles across the buttocks, followed by a pause. A quick stroke with an open palm to check for discomfort, then five more, harder this time, on each cheek. "I'm giving you ten for staring, slave, and five for hesitation." I must have smiled, thinking the punishment was over. "Oh No, slave. It's not over yet. I'm going to punish you for EACH time your behaviour let me down. That's forty five in total. Any questions?" I was too humiliated to respond.

When Mistress had finished, she released my right hand and allowed me to feel the swelling that was rising on my backside. After I had composed myself she gently but firmly swung me around and again secured my right wrist, this time to the same point as my left wrist and then, with equal firmness, detached and reattached my left wrist to the point where my right had been. I was now facing her, still blindfolded. I felt her breath on my cheek, then heard her whisper. "I enjoyed that slave. Punishing you gives me a rush. I might do it again, to your balls this time. What do you think?" I was praying she wouldn't, but secretly wishing she might. She reached down to fasten the straps around my ankles, Then I felt her hand, gently gripping my balls. I was now becoming visibly aroused, my cock straining against its cage. "And I haven't even told you what I'm going to do to punish you for keeping the second key from me, have I?" She squeezed my balls again, and I winced as the pressure intensified. "We'll you see slave, I have a problem. I can't beat your cock unless it's out of its cage, but then once I've finished with it, it's going to be so sore and swolen I can't be sure it will fit back inside the cage. And given your behaviour I certainly won't be sending you home uncaged, so I've had to think of a different, more permanent solution." I was quivering now, and despite the attention Mistress was paying to my balls with her left hand, my arousal was subsiding rapidly. Briefly releasing her grip, I felt Lady Sara swiftly bring a gag close to my mouth. "Open wide, slave, I don't want to hear you screaming". With that, she forced it between my lips and fastened it securely behind my neck. It was bigger than I imagined, and I realised with horror that it was shaped like a cock. I involuntarily choked back on it as Mistress gently squeezed the pump."Relax, my pet, or I will inflate it fully. It might even choke you but who knows, after a while you might even start enjoying it." I fell silent, resigned to having my mouth filled at Mistress's whim.

"Oh, poor slave, you look frightened. so you should be. Do you know what i'm going to do now?" Unable to speak, I furrowed my brow and mumbled a plea for mercy. "Oh, How sweet of you to beg me. I'm afraid you don't get a choice in the matter, so I might as well let you see what I'm going to do." Lady Sara paused, waiting for me to weaken even further, then lifted the blindfold from my eyes. I expected to see Lady Sara with a look of disgust on her face, ready to dish out intolerable levels of pain. Instead, my eyes fell on a vision of unexpected, complete loveliness. Gone was the stern dress, blouse and nylons. My Mistress stood before me in just a pair of high heels and the tiniest of tiny thongs. She provocatively ran her hand up and down her body, cupping her breasts and brushing her finger between her legs. "You see, slave, you won't ever get to have this, because I am never, and I mean never, EVER, going to release you from your chastity cage."

Mistress continued. "I know you have a second key, and I suspect you may even have a third key, so I've had to think of a different solution." With that, Lady Sara reached behind her and picked up a long, sharp carving knife. The sunlight reflected off its sharp edge as she slowly twisted it in her hand. I started struggling against my bonds, pleading with my eyes for her to stop this madness, choking against the cock rammed in my mouth but unable to make anything other than pathetic squealing sounds. Mistress brought the knife close to me, fixing my gaze with her stare and lowering the blade towards my balls. I pulled against my bonds, trying to protect my cock but unable to protect myself as the cold blade made contact with my skin. Mistress was laughing with glee. "Hahahaha, I really should castrate you for keeping those keys, shouldn't I?" I squealed and pleaded with all my being, but Mistress said nothing, holding the knife in place and tilting it slowly to change the point of contact. Finally she spoke. "Well, slave, I suppose I might one day have a use for that maggot you call your cock, so fortunately, I'm going to give you one last chance." What a relief! My whole body slumped against the frame of the cross and for a moment I was unable to support myself. For a while I could only stare in relief at the floor, and when I did eventually raise my eyes, Lady Sara was standing in front of me with the key to my cock cage in her hand. She unbuckled the gag and laid it to one side, pressing her finger to my lips.

"Hush, my slave, do not speak a word. Do not question what I am doing, do not ask me to change my mind. This is the choice you have brought on yourself. This is the only way forward for you. After today you will truly be my slave." I nodded pathetically. As she removed her finger from my lips, I stayed silent.

Slipping the key into the lock, Lady Sara carefully removed the padlock securing the cage of the cocklock, placing it on the table beside her, but my relief at my freedom was short-lived. She smiled, then opened the drawer below the tabletop to reveal a second padlock. "You see slave, you may have duplicate keys to your lock, but I have each and every key to THIS lock. It's called a Master lock, because its not a cheap, easy-to-pick lock like yours, but a solid, stainless steel, uniquely serialised lock that can't be picked. And don't think you can get a spare key, either. I'm the registered holder of the lock and the manufacturers assure me no one can order a spare without me knowing." With that, she quickly manoeuvred the lock onto the cage, and with a firm push back against my growing manhood snapped it into place. "There, that's better, isn't it. Your cock is locked up, and I have the only keys. And since you can now no longer sneak away and pleasure yourself, you can dedicate all your energy to pleasing me".

I don't remember her unlocking my wrists, nor removing the cuffs and collar from my pathetic body. There was no longer any need for physical restraint; my thoughts were entirely consumed by the irremovable lock that engulfed my cock as my beautiful mistress instructed me to serve her. When she was completely satisfied I was finally allowed to dress and leave my Mistress's home. I knew that I was now completely under her control. I found my way to the station, and stumbled into a waiting carriage. As the doors closed and the train moved away, my phone bleeped an incoming text message. It was Lady Sara.

"Slave, know this. This is no longer a game. Your new life starts today. If I ever suspect the cock cage has been removed, you will never see me again. You have seven days to clean up your old life, then you will return to Me for your training to start for real". That was just a week ago. Today I return to serve my Mistress for ever. These are the last words I will write for myself.


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